Barclaycard presents British Summer Time Hyde Park 2019

Barclaycard customers will qualify for a free food side when ordering a specific main meal [listed below] from the following vendors at Barclaycard presents BST Hyde Park:

  • E8 Fish - Calamari and Old Bay Fries for £7.50 when purchased with your Barclaycard
  • Pleesecakes - Free large upgrade when you purchase a small cheesecake when purchased with your Barclaycard (VIP Summer Garden)
  • Biff’s Jack Shack - One free portion of fries with any burger when purchased with your Barclaycard

Barclaycard customers will receive this free food side, providing they:

purchase from a food or bar outlet where Barclaycard credit card payment is accepted and offer signage is present; and

advise the cashier that you are Barclaycard credit card customer, present your card at till and pay with your personal Barclaycard(s) or Barclaycard Business card (MasterCard)

Please note that this promotion is only open to Barclaycard personal credit card account holders and is not open to Barclaycard Corporate card or partner card account holders nor any other Barclays branded card

If card machines are not in operation at an outlet, this offer will not be available at that pay station.

This offer can be withdrawn at any time and is subject to stock.

By using these offers, you agree to accept (i) these Barclaycard Entertainment terms and conditions, as well as (ii) the applicable venue’s terms and conditions.

Barclaycard Sensorium Terms and Conditions

1. “Barclaycard”, “Barclays”, “we”, “us”, “ours” and “The Promoter” means Barclays Bank UK PLC, 1234 Pavilion Drive, Northampton, NN4 7SG.

Sensorium Terms

2. As a Barclaycard/Barclays customer, you are eligible to enter the Barclaycard festival activation (the “Sensorium”) by presenting your Barclaycard, bPay device, Barclays debit card or Barclaycard app (“Customer”) with a valid ticket for the Barclaycard presents British summer time(“BBST”) event ticket for the day of entry.

3. Each Barclaycard/Barclays customer may bring up to three guests into the Sensorium(“Participants”). Guests are not required to be a Barclaycard/Barclays customer

4. Participation in the Sensorium including all activities at the sensorium is free.

5. The Sensorium and the Activities are open from 13:00 on 5 July 2019 (subject to BBST opening times) until 20:00 14 July 2019.

6. Participants must be 16 years or over to enter. 6 -16 years olds may enter with an adult.

7. By Participating in the Sensorium and any of the Activities, you agree to all relevant terms herein.

8. Participants are responsible for their own expenses incurred in connection with the Sensorium and Activities, including BBST tickets, travel and accommodation expenses.

9. Some Sensorium activities below are filmed as part of the experience - we have processes in place for you to request that your image is not captured or used through photography or video – please contact any member of the Barclays team at the event who will be happy to assist you.

Activities (not all activities are available at each event across Barclaycard Festival 2019 – please see the individual Sensorium event activations for availability)

(A) The Tunnels (if applicable)

10. These are confined spaces with low visibility in some areas, please ensure you are comfortable to enter and do so at your own discretion.

11. Tunnels feature haze effects, strobe lighting, flashing lights and loud music

12. Please do not enter if you suffer from any light or audio sensitive medical conditions or suffer from any respiratory issues.

13. In an emergency, guests can exit at either end of the tunnels. Staff will be present to escort guests out of the activation via an alternative exit if preferred/required.

14. Any personal data collected by Barclaycard (i.e. email addresses for video sharing purposes) is stored securely for the duration of the event on the activation software and is not accessible to guests. Any data processed in transferring the recorded video to the respective guests will be done so securely – once transferred by a one-time email, the data is deleted from our server.

15. In line with GDPR legislation and best practice terms of use, subject to a participant’s consent, Barclaycard may keep created content, such as photographs or video created during the Experience for marketing purposes, including display on the event showreel, festival screens, social media and online publicity. If you wish to stop your personal data being used in this way in future, or enact your rights under applicable privacy law, please ‘object to data processing’ in line with our privacy policy.

(B) The Pavillion (if applicable)

16. There are 7 stairs from the walkway to The Pavillion. Guests with accessibility requirements (e.g. difficulties walking, wheelchair users, reduced sight) may use the lift provided.

(C) Edible Bubble Machine (if applicable)

17. Bubbles are edible. All flavours are suitable for vegetarians, but are not vegan.

18. Bubbles contain traces of nuts, milk, gluten and soya. This activity will be manned by trained staff at all times and will not be activated without staff members present, please see staff for full list of ingredients.

(D) Glitter Make up stand (if applicable)

19. This activity includes airbrushing, glitter make up and face paint. Glitter used is biodegradable please see staff for full list of ingredients before using this activity.

(E) Scent activation (if applicable)

20. Due to this activity being part of a competition, the list of ingredients is available from Staff in the event of a medical emergency. Entrants in to the competition will be asked to smell a number of different scents, as a result the scent activation is not suitable for anyone with an allergy of any kind.

21. The fragrances do not use any artificial colouring, phthalates or parabens

22. Entry in to the activity and the competition is subject to acceptance and adherence to the competition terms found at the end of this document.

(F) Wi-Fi (if applicable)

23. Free Wi-Fi is available for Barclaycard customers at Download, BBST & Latitude Festival.

24. All customers who use a Wi-Fi code will be deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions.

25. Your personal information (email address only for activation) will be used to deliver the free Wi-Fi service to you during the event

26. Barclaycard accept no liability for any damages incurred when using this Wi-Fi.

27. Wifi access is subject to accepting and adhering to the additional terms and conditions of use visible when first accessing the services,


28. To the extent permitted by law, the Promoter will not be liable for any loss, damage, injury or disappointment suffered in connection with the Sensorium (including any damage to your or any other person’s computer or mobile phone equipment as a consequence of downloading or accessing any materials), or any delays or failure (in whole or in part) to perform any of its obligations if such delay or failure is caused by something beyond its reasonable control.

29. All Rewards offered in connection with the Activities are subject to availability, have no cash equivalent, no alternatives or exchanges will be offered and may be subject to additional terms and conditions of the Reward or Prize providers.

30. The Promoter reserves the right to reject and eject any participant from the Sensorium or any of the Activities therein.

31. Owing to exceptional circumstances outside its reasonable control, the Promoter may choose to withdraw or amend the Sensorium or any of the Activities.

32. These rules shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and the courts of England shall have exclusive jurisdiction in relation to any disputes arising in respect of these terms.