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How much would you like to transfer?

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  • What does this calculator show?

    Based on the amounts you choose, our calculator will show you our offers, with an estimate of the time it could take for you to clear your balance and how much it will cost. You could use the money you save on interest to reduce the amount you owe. The 'cost to you' includes the transfer fee, and any interest on your remaining balance if you haven't paid it off in full within the interest free promotional period.

    The 'you could save' figure will show an illustrative example of how much money you could save in interest payments if you transferred debt from a card you're paying interest on, to one of our 0% balance transfer cards. The saving shown will depend on the amounts you enter into the calculator, and how you manage your account.

  • Things you need to know

    Once your 0% offer ends, you'll pay your purchase rate on any remaining balances, as well as on anything new you buy. When the expiry date of your promotional offer is getting close, we’ll attempt to get in touch by email, text or letter to remind you.

    If you don't pay off the whole balance each month on time, excluding any promotional balances, you will be charged interest on new purchases from the date the transaction appears on your account.

    Our calculator is for illustrative purposes only, and savings may vary depending on how you manage your account. The savings shown are based on assumption and could change depending on how well you manage your account, your repayments and your account activity.