Jason Manford on Barclaycard benefits

Shopping abroad – the challenge of tipping

Thingy-me-bobs can be confusing. That's why with the Barclaycard app our customers can keep track of their spending abroad in pounds.

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Queuing – the pain

Life shouldn’t be lived in a queue. That's why we've made sure our customers can speed through checkouts by simply touching to pay with their contactless Barclaycard, for purchases of £30* and under.

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Internet shopping – avoid surprises

It’s easy to get carried away. That's why our customers can set up spend limit alerts and we’ll send them a text or email update when they approach their limit.

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Passwords – Jason’s take

When our customers call us through the Barclaycard app, they don't need to remember extra passwords or security answers so they can get through and get straight to the point (call charges may apply).

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Concert tickets - fear of missing out

We give our customers access to pre-sale tickets for selected events 48 hours before anyone else. So they don't have to worry about missing out.

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Jason – the full set

Your chance to see these five great performances all in one go. From the perils of internet shopping to the grief and pain of queuing, Jason’s original take raises a smile.

*Some Barclaycard MasterCard customers have a £20 limit for contactless payments