end of payment holiday

Barclaycard payment holiday ending

If you already have a payment holiday in place, here are some ways we can support you as it comes to an end

Finding the best way to support you after your payment holiday 

With your Barclaycard payment holiday coming to an end, there are a number of different scenarios you could be facing. We have a range of support that can help you take the next steps. 

The information on this page is for people who have a payment holiday in place. If you don’t, and need support to pay your Barclaycard bill, please read our FAQs

Get in touch

We have fewer colleagues than usual answering the phones right now because of the coronavirus situation. This is having a big impact on our call waiting times – we’re truly sorry about this. If you have an immediate financial problem that isn’t covered above, and which can’t wait, call us on the relevant number.

Important information

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