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Check your Experian Credit Score

Did you know your credit score is used by companies if you:

    Apply for a credit card or mortgage
  • Make an application for a loan
  • Take out a contract for a mobile phone
  • Opt to pay monthly for your utility bills or insurance        

Knowing your credit score can help you to keep your finances in check and improve and maintain your score. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Experian. Sign up, and you can enjoy free, ongoing access to your Experian Credit Score. Conditions apply.*

It also helps you to understand how your finances are likely to be reviewed by a lender if you make a credit application. It’s just another way to get more out of today with your Barclaycard.

Find out about how you could improve your credit score.

Why you should keep score

Dave from Barclaycard and James from Experian explain more about your Experian Credit Score: 

Your Experian Credit score gives you:

  • Easy online access to your Experian Credit Score whenever you like
  • An update every 60 days, so you can track your progress if you’re looking to improve your score
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Your Experian Credit Score ranges between 0-999:

 Experian Credit Score - Fair

Score values:

  • Very poor: 0-560
  • Poor: 561-720
  • Fair: 721-880
  • Good: 881-960
  • Excellent: 961-999

Your Experian Credit Score is based on your credit report, which contains your credit history and current financial status, so it can change over time. Each lender will look at your credit history in a slightly different way, so your score gives you an indication of how lenders are likely to assess your credit report.

Your Experian Credit Score is free with your Barclaycard, however this doesn’t include access to your Experian Credit Report or give you details of the information in it.

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Start checking your Experian Credit Score

Log into or register for Barclaycard online servicing. Select Experian Credit Score under 'Transfers & offers' or 'Account Services' and fill in your details – it only takes a few minutes.

Sign up on the go with our app. Just go to ‘Your account’ tap ‘Experian Credit Score’ and follow the instructions. You can download our app for free from the App Store  or Google Play.

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*Your Experian Credit Score is normally available within 48 hours. It can be withdrawn at any time, and availability depends on your account status. Find out more in your terms and conditions PDF (385KB) 

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Experian Credit Score is a service which may be withdrawn in the future. Availability is subject to the status of your account.