Overlimit Fees & Charges

Barclaycard over limit fees

Simple ways to avoid an over limit fee

Track your balance

Keep track of your credit limit and balance. You can do this anytime online through Barclaycard online servicing at an ATM or you can contact us.

Monitor your purchases

Review your statement to keep track of your purchases each month. Don’t forget to include any interest charges that may apply.

Minimum payment

If your minimum payment doesn’t take you below your credit limit, you’ll need to pay more to avoid another over limit fee (remember, you can choose to make additional payments at any time).

Talk to us

If you’re close to your credit limit, you could ask for an increase. Log on or register online through Barclaycard online servicing or  contact us and we’ll do what we can to help you.

Barclaycard online account servicing

Set up free SMS or email balance and spend limit alerts to help you stay in control. Simply log in to your Barclaycard account and click on ‘your settings’. If you’re not registered, register to manage your account online – it only takes a few minutes and you’ll find lots of great ways to help you manage your account online.

Barclaycard online servicing

Log in or register to:

  • Make a payment
  • Set up spend alerts
  • Request a credit limit change
  • And manage your account online

Barclaycard app

Log in or download the app to: 

  • Make a payment
  • Check your balance
  • Monitor your purchases
  • And manage your account online