Pay your way today

Pay your way

Your day can take you anywhere, and the way you pay shouldn’t slow you down

What works for you depends on where you are, who you’re with and what you’re up to in that moment. So wherever your day takes you, we offer a range of contactless ways to pay so you can take the hassle out of high street shopping, or get from commute to coffee that bit quicker.

Pay by card

When it’s time to do the weekly grocery shop, or go on the hunt for a birthday pressie (or two), using your card makes it easy to pay online, over the phone, or in-store with chip and PIN - however much you’d like to spend, so long as it's within your credit limit.

Contactless - for anything £45 and under

And with your contactless card, it’s even quicker, and just as secure, to pay wherever you see the contactless symbol . Just touch and go using your contactless credit or debit card, no need to sign your name or remember your pin. Find out more about contactless payments

Using contactless for the first time

When you receive a new card, to get up and running with contactless, you’ll need to use your PIN the first time you pay in a shop.


Pay with your phone

Paying with your phone means the days of rummaging for your wallet are long gone. You can go from posting a selfie in the queue to paying for a sweet treat in next to no time.

To pay using your mobile phone you’ll need to download a payment app like Apple Pay or use contactless mobile for Android with the Barclays or Barclaycard App. Once set up you can use your phone like a contactless card by holding it up to the payment terminal provided by the check-out assistant.

Apple Pay

Linking your Barclaycard Visa credit card to the Apple Pay Wallet app1 is quick and easy. It means you’ll be able to pay using your iPhone or Apple Watch in store, whenever you see the contactless symbol  or Apple Pay logo. Plus there's no limit, so you can make payments for any amount (up to your available credit limit)2Find out more about Apple Pay.

Contactless Mobile

For Android users3, you can set up your Contactless Mobile using the Barclaycard app4 or Barclays app5. When that’s done, you can pay the fast, easy and secure way wherever you see the contactless symbol .


You can also use your phone to send money to friends and family with Pingit6.

Whether you’re splitting the bill for that pizza you shared, or paying a friend back, you can use Pingit to send and request money without having to ask for those fiddly account details.

You can send money to anyone with a UK mobile number, no matter who they bank with. If they’re on Pingit or Paym then they’ll get the money instantly – if they aren’t, you can send them a personal payment link via your chosen messaging app, giving them details on how to collect the money, it’s that simple.

You can also order a free Pingit card in app, or select from a range of contactless payment devices that’ll allow you to spend for purchases £45 and under.

Just bear in mind that there are limits on the amount of money you can send and receive each day. The exact limit will depend on the type of account you have, how you’re paying and whether or not you bank with Barclays.

Pay the secure way – our fraud promise

You can use our contactless ways to pay with complete peace of mind. Your security is our top priority, so when it comes to protecting your account, we’re here as your first line of defence. We’re on guard 24/7 and use some of the most advanced technology to protect you and your contactless payments. Find out more about how we protect you from fraud.

If you lose your contactless card or phone, or it’s stolen, you can block your card and we’ll refund any transactions that aren’t yours, as well as any interest you’ve paid.

 Any payments you make using your contactless Barclaycard are marked with the contactless symbol on your statement.

You need an eligible device and the latest version of iOS, watchOS or macOS

Available at selected retailers. T&Cs apply

Available for Barclaycard Visa customers with NFC Android Mobiles using an operating system of KitKat 5.0 or above. IHG cards are currently excluded

Terms, conditions & restrictions apply . You must have a Barclaycard account and be aged 18 or over to use the Barclaycard app

Terms and conditions apply. You must have a Barclays current account, be aged 16 or over and have a mobile number to use the Barclays app.

Terms and conditions apply. You must be aged 16 years or above and have a current account in the UK, Isle of Man, Jersey or Guernsey