Barclaycard payment holiday

Barclaycard payment holidays

We’re offering payment holidays on your Barclaycard to help you if the coronavirus situation has affected your income

Important – before you apply

Before you apply, please read the questions and answers below carefully. You’ll find out if a payment holiday is right for you, when you need to apply and if you’re eligible.

If you decide a payment holiday is right for you, don’t forget we’ll add interest to the amount you owe when your payment holiday ends, based on your normal rate. This means your balance will increase. You won’t have to make any payments during your payment holiday.

If you decide a repayment holiday isn't right for you, we’ll talk to you to help find the best solution for you and your circumstances.

Please only call us if your money is immediately affected by coronavirus. Thanks for bearing with us and please check back regularly – we’ll update the information here as the situation changes.

What is a payment holiday, and is it right for me?

A payment holiday lets you take a three-month break from making your monthly Barclaycard payments.

This means that if you aren’t able to make the minimum payment during your agreed period, we won’t charge any late-payment fees, and your credit score won’t be affected.

Before deciding whether to apply for a payment holiday, please bear in mind that we’ll continue to charge interest as normal and add this interest to the amount you owe when the payment holiday ends. This means your balance will grow so it may take longer to pay it off, and your monthly payments will be higher after the holiday ends.

During payment holidays, you can make payments towards your Barclaycard balance at any time. While you don’t need to make any additional payments, doing so could mean that you pay less interest overall.

If you’re experiencing financial difficulties that are likely to last more than three months or if you’re already in arrears, a payment holiday might not be suitable for your needs. If this is the case, there could be other ways that we can help, so please call us to discuss alternative options.

Am I eligible for a Barclaycard payment holiday?

At the moment, we’re only offering payment holidays if

  • You’ve been up to date with your payments, or you’ve only missed your most recent payment
  • Your income has been affected as a result of the coronavirus situation

The coronavirus situation is changing rapidly, so this might change too. If you don’t meet the criteria now, please keep checking this page. We’re continuously reviewing the best way we can support you and will update it when things change.

Will I be charged interest on my Barclaycard while the payment holiday is in place?

We’ll still charge interest (in line with existing rates) on your balance during the payment holiday. As interest continues to be charged, your overall balance will grow so it may take longer to pay off your balance and your monthly payment will be higher after the payment holiday ends. 

We’ll let you know what your monthly payment is in your first statement after the end of your payment holiday. You’ll need to pay at least the minimum payment on your statement, or more if you choose to. If you’re unable to make that payment, please let us know so we can find the best way to help you.

We’ll text you if interest added to your balance during the payment holiday takes you over your credit limit. You can then make a payment. Bear in mind that your credit rating could be affected if you’re unable to do so. Your credit limit is shown on your statements, in Barclaycard Servicing and your app.

If you'd like to make a payment during the payment holiday, you can do so. This will help to reduce the balance and the interest that will be applied. This can’t be a Direct Debit payment (as that will be set to £0 during the holiday) but there are many other ways to make a payment, see your statement or take a look at our ways to make a payment.

How much extra might a payment holiday cost?

During the payment holiday you won’t need to make any monthly payments. However, we will continue charging interest on your account so your balance will increase. As a result your minimum payment will go up once the payment holiday has ended.

Examples of how much a payment holiday could cost.

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Example 4

Current Card Balance





Interest Rate





Current Min Due





Min Due During Holiday





Min Due After Holiday





Balance After Holiday (with no spend on account)





Estimated Additional Interest per year





  • The figures used are for illustration only and do not translate to exactly what will happen to your account. The minimum payment in these examples are made up of 1% balance plus any interest charge
  • The examples above show how a 3 month payment holiday could impact the minimum payment due. They assume no additional spend on the account during the payment holiday – any additional spend during the payment holiday will increase the balance and this will mean your minimum payment will be higher. 
  • The amount of extra interest that will be charged to you during the period of the payment holiday will depend on your balance, your interest rate and the amount you spend on your card. This will also determine the minimum payment due when the payment holiday has ended. 
  • Estimated interest per year assumes minimum payments resume after the holiday period and no further spend on the account. 
  • You can still make payments during the holiday period should your circumstances change. This will help avoid higher interest charges and won’t affect your holiday period. 
  • Our online repayment calculator could help give you a better view of how to manage your account when the payment holiday is over.

Does a payment holiday affect my credit score?

Your payment holiday won’t be recorded on your credit file. This means taking one won’t affect your credit score, but lenders may take it into account if you apply for credit in the future. 

Will a payment holiday affect my existing offers?  

Taking a payment holiday won’t affect a promotional balance offer that you already have on your account. If you already have an instalment plan on your account, you can apply for a payment holiday but you won’t be able to have both at the same time. Once you’ve filled in your form, we’ll text you your options.

When will my payments stop and start again?

If we agree to a payment holiday, we’ll do our best to start it in time for your next Barclaycard payment due date.  However, if your next payment is due in less than four working days, we’ll usually start the holiday payment from the following month. 

Until your payment holiday is agreed, you’ll need to make payments as normal and we won’t refund any payments you make. 

If you pay by Direct Debit, don’t cancel it with your bank – we’ll stop collecting your payments when the payment holiday starts. If you usually have a fixed payment or you pay your Direct Debit in full, we’ll change this to collect the minimum payment due.  This will be £0 during your payment holiday. You can re-set your Direct Debit to collect a fixed payment or your full balance when the payment holiday ends. 

If you pay another way, you’ll need to stop the payments and make sure they start again when the payment holiday ends.

What happens if I have a payment due in the next 4 days and cannot afford to make it? 

If you have a payment due in the next four days and cannot afford to make this payment, you can still apply for a payment holiday. We may need to start the payment holiday from the following month if you pay using Direct Debit - we will get back to you to let you know.

What happens if I have already missed a payment? 

If you've already missed one payment recently due to the coronavirus situation but have been up to date with your payments for the last six months, we can include the missed payment as part of your payment holiday. The missed payment will show on your credit file. You’ll need to apply for the payment holiday by filling in our online form.

Can I choose the date I want my payment holiday to start from?

If we agree to a payment holiday, we’ll do our best to start it from your next payment due date. If you want your payment holiday to start at a later time, don’t request it now – come back when you’re ready. 

How do I apply for Barclaycard payment holiday?

The quickest and easiest way is to fill in our online form. There’s no need to call us afterwards – if your application is accepted, we’ll let you know, and it’ll show as a message in your next statement. Please note, you’ll need to be the primary cardholder to apply.

How do I apply for a further payment holiday?

If you want a further payment holiday, or you’re looking to temporarily reduce your interest, select ‘Further support’ below.

Further support

How do I ask for a payment holiday if I have more than one Barclaycard?

If you have more than one Barclaycard, you’ll need to complete this form for each one separately.

Fill in the payment holiday form

My question isn’t covered here – is there anything else you can do to help me?

We’re offering a number of ways to support customers who are, or might soon be, financially affected by the coronavirus situation. You’ll find lots of helpful advice on our coronavirus help and support page.

If you have an immediate financial problem that isn’t covered above, and can’t wait, please get in touch.