Protect yourself from fraud

Did you know, according to statistics from Financial Fraud Action , there’s a fraud transaction every 15 seconds in the UK. So stay one step ahead of the scammers by doing everything you can to protect your computer, your identity and your account details. Minimise your risk of being targeted by reading our guides to staying safe online , protecting your information and tips to spot and avoid scams . Plus, you can read our top tips for staying secure.

Take Five

Every day, people lose money by giving a helping hand to fraudsters. We have all the power in our hands to stop this happening to us. We need to do just one thing: when something doesn’t seem right, take time to stop and think. 

If something feels wrong, it probably is - take five to stop fraud

We’re calling on Britain to Take Five to stop fraud in its tracks.

Staying safe online

From antivirus software to keeping your details updated, here’s how to safeguard yourself online.

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Protecting your info

Identity theft and credit card fraud are big business for fraudsters – read what to watch out for.

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Tips to spot and avoid scams

Be prepared. We’ve got the lowdown on the latest and most common scams being used by fraudsters.

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