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Managing your card

with the Barclaycard Sidekicks

Knowing how your finances work could give you more control

An extra bit of know-how can make all the difference when it comes to getting credit confident. The Barclaycard Sidekicks are here to help – and below, you’ll find the tools you need to keep on top of your finances.

By understanding how your payments affect your balance, and the way interest is charged to your account, you can make adjustments that could help to put you in control of your money – not the other way round.

Use our Repayment Calculator

Clearing your balance sooner could help you pay less in interest. See how a small change to your monthly payments could make a big difference to the time it takes to clear your balance. T&Cs apply.

Get to know your minimum payment

Find out what a minimum payment is and why it’s a good idea to pay more than this whenever you can.

Ways to repay your balance

While your credit card could give you flexibility with purchases, your repayments can be flexible too. Find out more about the different ways you could clear your balance sooner.

Has your phone met our app?

See how the Barclaycard app can help you manage and keep on top of your money.

What is credit card APR?

It’s something that every card has and it gives you an idea of the card’s yearly cost.

Learn how interest works

Get the facts about paying interest on your credit card and pick up a few tips to avoid it in the future.

How interest is charged

How to manage credit repayments?

Take a look at the bigger picture before deciding on a credit card.

Understanding interest

Learn what interest is and how you could be affected by it.

More ways to Get Credit Confident

Head over to the Barclaycard Sidekicks hub for more tips and hints on shopping safely, building your credit score and planning ahead.