To make everything as clear as possible we've summarised some of the key information below.

You need to read through this carefully before you apply.

How your interest offers work

Your balance transfer offer

0% balance transfers can only be made within the first 60 day from account opening.

To keep your 0% rates

You'll need to stay within your credit limit and make at least your minimum payment on time each month. If you don't, your 0% rates will go up to your standard rate instead.

When your 0% purchase offer ends

You'll be charged interest at your standard rate for:

  • anything new you buy
  • any outstanding purchase balance on your account

You can still benefit from up to 56 days interest free on everything new you buy, but you do need to pay off your main balance (excluding any promotional balances) in full by your payment due date. Don't forget to make at least your minimum payments on time and to stay within your credit limit.

When your 0% balance transfer offer ends

You'll be charged interest at your standard rate on any outstanding balance transfer.

Credit limit

Your credit limit is based on what you tell us when you open your account and it takes account of any balance transfers you've indicated you'd like to make. If you indicate you'd like a balance transfer and don't complete it during the offer period (within 60 days of opening your account), we may have to reduce your credit limit. As a responsible lender, we try to make sure you don't borrow more than you can afford.

Managing your Barclaycard

Staying on top of your account

If you miss payments or go over your credit limit, you will incur additional costs through interest and fee charges; you will also lose any promotional interest rates. So please make sure you've read and understood the terms and conditions before you apply. You could build your credit rating over time as long as you always make your payments on time and stay within your credit limit. However, if you don't do those things, your credit rating could be harmed.

Bank of England Base Rate

Your standard and cash interest rates will move up and down in line with the Bank of England Base Rate. Base Rate changes will not apply to your promotional interest rates. To learn more visit: barclaycard.co.uk/understanding-interest.

Getting in touch

If you have a question about application

Go online - just visit help.barclaycard.co.uk/brochure

Call us on 0800 161 5286 (or 0800 731 0200) from 8am to 11pm Monday to Saturday.

Having problems understanding this information?

We can provide additional support for all customers, including those who have mental or physical health conditions or learning disabilities. If you would like to talk to someone you can call 0800 056 3486 from 8am - 9pm Monday to Friday or 9am - 1pm on Saturday. Or you can visit any Barclays branch and speak to an adviser.

Need an alternative format?

This information is available in large print, Braille and audio, by calling 0800 161 5326 (via Text Relay or Next Generation Text Relay if appropriate).

Barclaycard also welcomes calls via SignVideo for BSL users. For more information visit barclaycard.co.uk/accessibility