Part one of your application

To make everything as clear as possible we've summarised some of the key information below.
You need to read through this carefully before you continue with your application.

How your balance transfer and purchases work 

Your balance transfer

You have no promotional rates. There will be a 0% fee on balance transfers made within 60 days of opening your account. There is a 3% fee for balance transfers made after 60 days.

Your purchases

If you don’t pay off your whole balance each month, excluding any promotional balances then you'll be charged standard interest on new purchases from the day the transaction appears on your account.
Don’t forget to make at least your minimum payments on time and stay within your credit limit.

Managing your Barclaycard

Staying on top of your account

To manage your account well you'll need to make payments on time and stay within your credit limit - this could then help you build your credit rating over time. If you don't do these things:

  • you'll lose any promotional interest rates you have
  • you'll be charged extra interest and fees
  • this could harm your credit rating

That's why it's so important to make sure you've read and understood all the Terms and Conditions before you apply.

Bank of England Base Rate

Your standard and cash interest rates will move up and down in line with the Bank of England Base Rate. Base Rate changes will not apply to your promotional interest rates. To learn more visit: barclaycard.co.uk/understanding-interest.