To make everything as clear as possible we’ve summarised some of the key information below.
You need to read through this carefully before you apply.

How to qualify for your interest rate reduction and upgrade to a Barclaycard Platinum card

  •   Pay on time and stay within your credit limit
  •  After 12 months, we will reduce your interest rate and contact you about your Platinum card upgrade 

Please remember that if you miss just one payment, or go over your credit limit in the first 12 months, we won’t be able to reduce your interest rate or upgrade you to Barclaycard Platinum

If you keep your account in order, we'll be in touch to let you know you've qualified and how to upgrade to a Barclaycard Platinum card 12 months after you open your account. The terms that apply to your account won't change, apart from any reduction in your interest rate that we will tell you about, so you pay a lower interest rate on your outstanding balance each month.