Live Contactless

For every you, 
there’s a way to pay

Your day can take you anywhere, and the way you pay shouldn’t slow you down.

What works for you depends on where you are, who you’re with and what you’re up to in that moment. So wherever your day takes you, we offer a range of contactless ways to pay and wearable tech. So you can take the hassle out of high street shopping, or get from commute to coffee that bit quicker.

Just look out for the contactless symbol  and pay in a flash for anything £30 or under.

When he's not on the pitch, see how contactless helps Martin stay on the move:

There's more than one way to pay for your day, but don't take our word for it:

With a range of ways to pay, Barclaycard can help to make a busy day that little bit easier:

Choose your way to pay

Start your contactless journey today and find out more about the ways you can pay with Barclaycard:

Short on time? Pay with your card wherever you see the contactless symbol  . Just touch and go.

Need hands-free? Pay in a breeze with your keys or a wave of the wrist, thanks to bPay contactless wearables*, starting from £14.99.

Pay the secure way – our fraud promise

You can use our contactless ways to pay with complete peace of mind. Your security is our top priority, so when it comes to protecting your account, we’re here as your first line of defence. We’re on guard 24/7 and use some of the most advanced technology to protect you and your contactless payments. Find out more about how we protect you from fraud.

If you lose your contactless card or phone, or it’s stolen, you can block your card and we’ll refund any transactions that aren’t yours, as well as any interest you’ve paid.

Plus, if your wearable device is lost or stolen, you can block it at any time through the bPay app or online services. All of your money is stored in a secure online account so no one can use your device once it’s been blocked. You get the same level of fraud protection with all Barclaycard products, so we’ll always refund any transactions that aren’t yours.

Any payments you make using your contactless Barclaycard are marked with the contactless symbol on your statement.

*Links to most major UK debit or credit cards. bPay payment functionality is subject to application and acceptance of terms and conditions. The bPay chip is valid for a minimum of two years. After this time, the chip won’t work for contactless payments.