Terms and conditions

To benefit from the balance transfer offer it needs to be taken out within 60 days of opening the account

The 28 month balance transfer period starts from the date the account is opened. That means if, for example, you don’t take it out for 60 days you’ll have 2 months less of the 0% rate.

This offer is only available for new customers and Barclaycard reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time.

If you take advantage of the 0% balance transfer offer a fee of 3.5% will be applied to your account but you'll only pay 1.75% as we'll refund the difference. Don't worry the refund will happen automatically and you won’t need to do anything to receive it. As long as your account is not in default at the time the credit is due and you haven’t given us notice to close the account it’ll be applied within a couple of days and show on the next bill you receive from us.

The minimum you can transfer is £250 across up to five different balance transfers. The maximum transfer will be 90% of your credit limit. You can’t make a transfer from any other Barclaycard or our partner cards. 

When your 0% balance transfer offer ends you’ll be charged interest at your standard rate for anything new you buy and for any outstanding balance on your card.