Purchase protection terms and conditions

  1. No refund may exceed the amount charged to your Barclaycard(s) or exceed your credit limit.
  2. In any event the maximum refund is £5,000. We may require evidence to satisfy us that the supplier has declined to refund or replace the item.
  3. All requests for refunds must be made within 90 days of the original card transaction date. We may refuse to proceed with a refund and may recover any money credited to your Barclaycard(s) where we conclude your claim is not justified. Criminal proceedings may follow if any request is found to be fraudulent or unfounded
  4. This service does not cover:

Cash, travellers cheques, cheque payments, money orders or other negotiable instruments; contracts for the provision of services; or any data or software download

Consequential loss of any kind; financial loss or damage arising from an inherent defect in the item purchased

Purchases which are made from non-UK suppliers or websites based outside the UK.