Start today with Barclaycard

Start today
with Barclaycard

Is there something you've always longed to do?

Something you've always said you're going to do 'one day' but keep putting off because you're too busy or it's too difficult?

At Barclaycard we're passionate about helping people to get started. We can help you get the one vital thing you need to get going, so that your 'one day' can become today.


Then why not take a look at our new film - and then decide what it is you'd like to start.

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We asked people all over the country what they wanted to start1

Here are some of their favourites:

22% want to unleash their inner rock god and learn to play an instrument.

9% are like...totally zen and want to float away by learning yoga.

22% of people love different cultures and want to learn a new language. Mange tout, mange tout.

Woman holding a bow on her head, showing it to a child.

What's stopping you starting today?

We all have that one thing that we really want to start ‘one day’. So why do we always find reasons to put it off, why do we wait?

We ran an experiment with some unsuspecting grown-ups and a waiting room bursting with things they’d always wanted to try. But did they make a start?

The Barclaycard 31 Day Challenge

Starting something new for 2018 might be easier than you think. To prove it, we’ve teamed up with blogger, author and mum Giovanna Fletcher for the Barclaycard 31 Day Challenge, where she’ll be starting something new every single day this January.

How will she fit it all into her packed schedule?

Giovanna Fletcher is icing a white cake with pink icing

Kick starting a new sport? Taking up painting? Growing your own veg? Whatever it is, all you need to do is decide on that one thing you need to get going - and start today.

1These figures are based on the results of an online survey carried out by Opinium of 2,004 nationally representative UK adults (aged 18+) between 7-10 April 2017.