Benefits of starting today

Start today - Benefits

The rewards of starting something new

Give your wellbeing a boost

Starting something new isn’t always easy. But once you get going, the benefits can come thick and fast.

Ofcom research found that the average Brit spends an average of 22.9 hours a week online.That’s quite a bit of online shopping or looking for a last-minute holiday. But we also found that people dedicating 5-10 hours each week to something they love doing feel healthier, more confident and more energetic.2  So, maybe it’s time to use those hours online to find that one thing that you've always wanted to start.

Moving bar graph illustrating 57% feel happier, 31% healthier and 25% made new friends after starting something new.

Start your thing today and feel better for it

It's hard to put a number on feelings. But our research has revealed some interesting facts and figures2 about the nation. Since starting that one thing they've always wanted to do:

57% feel happier

31% feel healthier

25% made new friends

Two young women decorating a pink cake

Where could starting take you?

All work, no play definitely isn’t the way to go. Our research2 shows that one in three 25-34 year olds are significantly more likely to say that their pastimes and passions help them perform better in their jobs.

For some though, balancing work and play is just the start of even bigger things. With 31% of Brits saying they’d like to turn their side interests into a career or business.

So, maybe mixing business and pleasure is the way to go.

Struggling to start something? You’re not alone. See what happened when some enthusiastic kids inspired some hesitant grown-ups to get started.

Starting something new doesn’t have to be difficult, overly ambitious or even expensive, and we’re passionate about helping people turn their ‘one day’ into today. Want to know more?

1Ofcom, ‘Adults’ Media Use and Attitudes’ Report, June 2017.

2Online interviews were carried out with 5,001 UK adults by Opinium research in September 2017.