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Let's take action, start today

British rapper Nadia Rose shows us how she made her big plans a reality

You’ve got to go and get it

We all have that one thing we’ve always wanted to do ‘someday’ – whether it’s learning a new language, taking up a sport, or even becoming a recording artist. So why not make that ‘someday’ today? Mobo Award-winning rapper Nadia Rose knows more than most about the need to take action to make something happen.

Not content with just wishing and waiting for her dream to become a reality, Nadia took control and decided to get the ball rolling herself.

We teamed up with the Croydon-born MC to help show you that there’s no better time to start than today. In our collaborative film, Nadia tells a story inspired by her journey to start the thing that mattered most to her.

No more wishing and waiting

Nadia knew that she had to make a start herself if she wanted to achieve her dreams.

So what was she doing before she became a renowned recording artist? And what did it take for her to finally decide to give music a real go and get started? Now that she’s made a start in the music world, what big plans has she set her sights on next?

Watch our interview with Nadia to find out.

What would you start?

Whatever you dream of doing - whether it's yo-yoing or yoga, fell running or fabric making - why not stop saying 'one day' and start today?

After all, when you follow your passion, you never know where it might take you.

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What's stopping you starting today?

We all have that one thing that we really want to start 'one day'. So why do we always find reasons to put it off, Why do we wait?

We ran an experiment with some unsuspecting grown-ups and a waiting room bursting with things they'd always wanted to try. But did they make a start?