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Get inspired to start something new today

We asked the nation what they'd love to start

Whatever you dream of doing - whether it’s yo-yoing or yoga, fell running or fabric making – why not stop saying ‘one day’ and start today? After all, even if it’s something small and simple, when you follow your passion, you never know where it might take you.

Maybe it’s one of the nation’s favourite pastimes or maybe it’s something a little more out there, but we’ve all got that one thing we’d love to start. We asked people all over the country what they wanted to start1 - here are some of their favourites:

White icon of ski's which then transition into a ball of yarn and knitting needles, on a blue background

2% are eager for some heart-pumping extreme sports action

A nimble-fingered 1% are knitting needle nuts – are you?

What percentage of the nation wanted to learn self-defence or meditation

28% want to give their minds a boost with meditation

Just 2% are seeking peace of mind with self-defence classes

White icon of jam jar transitioning into a drum kit on a raspberry color background.

10% want to learn to jam with a new instrument

Only 1% have time to fine tune the art of jam making.

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There are so many new things you could start today, and you’d be amazed at the benefits that starting something new can offer. If you’re stuck for ideas, or maybe want to try something a little different, we have the perfect inspiration. We teamed up with blogger, author and mum, Giovanna Fletcher for the 31 Day Challenge, as she started something new every single day in January. See what she started and you might be inspired to start too.

If you’ve got little ones of your own, you could follow in Giovanna’s footsteps and learn the basics of mini first aid.

Love breathing new life into something old? Maybe Giovanna can inspire you to start your very own upcycling project.

Learning a new tongue needn't mean twisting yours. See how Giovanna got on when she tried her hand at sign language.

Looking for something to master? See how the Chinese martial art of Tai Chi put Giovanna's mind and body to the test.

Starting something new doesn’t have to be difficult, overly ambitious or even expensive, and we’re passionate about helping people turn their ‘one day’ into today. Want to know more?

Struggling to start something? You’re not alone. See what happened when some enthusiastic kids inspired some hesitant grown-ups to get started.

1These figures are based on the results of an online survey carried out by Opinium of 2,004 nationally representative UK adults (aged 18+) between 7-10 April 2017.