The 31 day challenge

If you’ve still got something you fancy starting in 2018, Giovanna Fletcher is proof it might be easier than you think. We set her the Barclaycard 31 Day Challenge to start something totally new every single day of January - and she did it. It wasn’t always a walk in the park, but she gave everything a go and had loads of fun along the way.
From starting sports photography with Sir Bradley Wiggins to testing out cricket with Freddy Flintoff and even dancing the Charleston with Harry Judd, it’s been quite a month.

So take a look back at Giovanna’s super busy January and you might find some inspiration on how you could start today.
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Giovanna taking on the day 1 challenge

Day 1 - Magic tricks

Watch the show
Giovanna taking on the day 2 challenge

Day 2 - Laughing yoga

Feel better
Giovanna's good friend taught her some signing basics today.

Day 3 - Sign language

Watch and learn
Giovanna and dancing champ Harry Judd doing the Charleston

Day 4 - Charleston

Let's dance
Day 5 challenge clay sculpting

Day 5 - Clay sculpting

Sculpt away
Giovanna practicing tai chi

Day 6 - Tai Chi

Find balance

Giovanna doing origami

Day 7 - Origami

Fold and bend

Giovanna holding a large bunch of flowers

Day 8 - Floristry

See what takes shape
Giovanna with a white balloon swam which she made

Day 9 - Balloon animals

Give it a twist
Giovanna stood next to a ball shaped plant with pruning tools

Day 10 - Topiary

Snip away
Giovanna is cooking with two young gentleman who are instructing

Day 11 - SORTEDfood

Let's get cooking
White question mark in turquoise coloured box. Day 12 challenge will be revealed soon.

Day 12 - Violin

Tune in

Giovanna holding a tie-dye shirt

Day 13 - Tie-Dying

Add some colour
Giovanna holding a hand painted painting of flowers

Day 14 - Painting

Get arty
Giovanna watching a young lady perform CPR on a dummy.

Day 15 - Mini first aid

Be prepared
Giovanna is holding up her hand to the camera, the shot is a close up of her face.

Day 16 - Russian

Learn Rússkiy
Giovanna with a yellow jacket and blue skateboarding helmet on

Day 17 - Skateboarding

Spin your wheels
Bradley Wiggin riding around the velodrome

Day 18 - Cycling

Hit the Velodrome
Giovanna is cutting a red piece of fabric ready to staple to a seat cover on a green chair

Day 19 - Upcycling

Do it yourself
Giovanna holding red, oranage and purple beanbag

Day 20 - Juggling

Keep your eye on the ball
Giovanna in a burgandy wooly hat and scarf in Scotland

Day 21 - Mindfulness

Calm your mind
Giovanna holding a cap

Day 22 - Cap customisation

Craft away

Giovanna holding a beaded necklace which she made

Day 23 - Jewellery making

Discover a gem
Giovanna in an orange t-shirt trying to balance on a rope

Day 24 - Slacklining

Walk the line
Giovanna decorating a cake with Liam from the Great British Bake Off

Day 25 - Cake decorating

Let's bake
Giovanna and Freddie Flintoff. Freddie Flintoff is holding a cricket bat

Day 26 - Cricket

Take a swing
Giovanna with gold tinsel cheerleading pom poms

Day 27 - Cheerleading

Give us a 'G'
Giovanna holding a fountain pen

Day 28 - Calligraphy

Watch ink dry
Giovanna holding a theatrical wig

Day 29 - Theatrical makeup

Get the look
Giovanna with Caleb Femi

Day 30 - Spoken word

Find your voice
Giovanna holding an orange can of spray paint

Day 31 - Street art

Let us spray

Is there something you want to try, why not start today?

Start today