Why wait

Why not make

'one day' today?

We all have something we’d love to start, whether it’s playing the piano, cake decorating, or learning to dance. But we keep putting it off and waiting for ‘one day’.

As kids, we would often dive in at the opportunity to try something new - so as adults, why do we wait?

Watch 'The Waiting Room'

We wanted to find out, so we ran an experiment with some unsuspecting grown-ups and a waiting room containing that one thing they need to get going.

But did they make a start? And what happened when we asked some enthusiastic kids to inspire them to give it a go? 

Watch our 'Waiting Room' experiment

Viewing time 2:31

What the grown-ups said...

Quote from Charles, 46 years old: Nothing should hold you back.
Quote from Kate, 37 years old: If it is something you have always dreamed of doing then why wait?
Quote from Rosie, 44 years old: Stop procrastinating and do it.

What the kids said...

Quote from Aadya, 8 years old: Start today otherwise you might forget and not do it for 10 years.
Quote from Ethan, 10 years old: Come on it will make you feel better.
Quote from Tarel, 9 years old: Well you said you were going to start it then.

What the nation said...

We all have our own reasons for not getting started. Maybe you don’t want to go on your own, or you’re scared you’ll be rubbish. Perhaps you’re nervous to wear the outfit (Lycra’s intimidating, right?). These barriers might be easier to break down than you think, and just remember you’re not alone.

Here’s why people across the country haven’t quite managed to get going yet1

 Map of the UK, with reasons why people put off starting their passion. See plain text file for reasons.

Is there something you want to try, why not listen to your inner child? 

 1These figures are based on the results of an online survey carried out by Opinium of 2,004 nationally representative UK adults (aged 18+) between 7-10 April 2017.