Statement Transformation

We’ve given your statement a makeover. Everything you need is now easier to find, simpler to use and a whole lot clearer.

Everyone will receive the new-look statement by the end of February, but you may get yours a little earlier. You’re able to view your statements by logging into Barclaycard online servicing.

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Statement transformation one
At a glance – your new balance, minimum payment and due date are all upfront

Statement transformation two
Your activity – an easy-to-read summary of your balances and credit limit

Statement transformation three
Your current interest rates – your interest rates are listed clearly on the first page

Statement transformation display image

What's different about your statement?

It’s useful to see your new balance, minimum payment and payment due date – so we’ve moved them to the top of the front page. 

You’ll be able to see a summary of your balances so you know how much promotional, standard and cash balance is on your account. It’s also good to know your limits – so we’ve put yours together. They’ll always follow your transaction list and you’ll be able to see how much you can withdraw from a cash machine and pay for with contactless.

Everything you need to know about your interest rates and how payments are allocated are given on the statement. We’ve also shown how your current balance is made up of your standard and cash balances.  Visit the interest and fees page to find out more.

If we need to tell you something, we’ll leave a message for you on page one of your statement. This could be anything, from Barclaycard app updates to interest rate changes.

We’ll use everyday language if we need to explain something to you.

You’ll see how many Freedom points you’ve earned or your latest Cashback total on the front of your statement. So you can start planning your Freedom Rewards treat or your next Cashback purchase.

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