How to use Barclaycard contactless

The little symbol thats popping up all over

Paying with contactless is hereContactless symbol

This little symbol Contactless symbol means you can make fast, easy and secure payments in seconds. Touch your Barclaycard or PayTag on a payment reader at thousands of your favourite retailers across the UK and you've paid, just like that! There's no need to fumble with cash, or enter a PIN and what's more it's ready to use today.

Safer than cash

Your security is our top priority. So we use some of the most advanced technology to protect your contactless payments. If your card or PayTag gets lost or stolen you're 100% protected against fraudulent activity on your account. Just call 0844 811 9111* and we'll take care of it. And, just so you know all payments made using contactless are marked on your statements with a contactless symbol. Contactless symbol

How to pay the effortless way

How to pay with contactless

* View our Call charges information here.