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Move money into your current account with a money transfer

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So what exactly is a money transfer?

A money transfer lets you move credit from your Barclaycard directly into your UK current account to use as you wish – a speedy solution for when only cash will do.

Is a money transfer right for me?

A money transfer lets you access your credit as cash as quickly as the next working day – handy if you need to pay the plumber in a hurry or cover an unexpected bill. You can transfer up to 90% of your available Barclaycard credit – just remember that any money that your transfer into your current account will no longer benefit from purchase protection.

To get the most out of your money transfer be sure to make at least your minimum monthly card repayments on time, before your promotional period ends. If not, you could lose any promotional rates you may have, and revert to the standard rate.

There's a fee for each transfer, but it's a quick and convenient way to access your credit as cash for when only cash will do, plus 0% interest during your promotional period. The fee's added to your balance, and is usually between 1.9% and 2.9% of the amount you transfer. We'll let you know what your fee will be when you apply to make a transfer.

Here's an idea of what that means in practice.

Amount you're transferring

At 1.9% your fee would be:

At 2.9% your fee would be:










The minimum you can transfer is £100. The maximum depends on your credit limit and your existing balances.

How is it done?

Quick and easy, that's how. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Log into your Barclaycard online servicing account or use the Barclaycard app, and select 'View your offers' to see if you have an offer available.

2. Tell us how much you're transferring and which card you're transferring from – make sure you have your card details to hand.

3. Make sure you've read and understood the terms and conditions, and tick the box to continue.

That's it. The money will usually be transferred by the end of the next working day, unless further checks are required. Your cash will then be available – straight from your bank account. Read our money transfer terms and conditions for more information on how long your transfer will take.

Ready to make a money transfer?

Before you can make a transfer, you'll need to log into your Barclaycard online servicing account to make sure you have an offer available.

Tap the Barclaycard app

Download. Tap. Done. Just log in to see if you have an offer, then apply through the app in a few simple steps.

Barclaycard online servicing

Log in to or register your Barclaycard account and select ‘View your offers’. See if you have an offer and then apply online. 

If you prefer to do things over the phone, give us a call on 0800 151 0900 (call charges apply).

Make sure you’ve read our money transfer terms and conditions before you apply.


Want to make a balance transfer instead ?

Want to make a balance transfer instead?

If you want to move a balance you have on another credit card or store card to your Barclaycard - and save money on interest – head over to our balance transfer page.