Coronavirus help and support

We won’t be charging you late payment or cash advance fees between 19 March and 17 June 2020 – we’ll take care of this, so you don’t need to call us.

We’re here to help you manage your money – in whatever way we can. Visit our help and support page for more information.

Coronavirus support

Your guide to transfers and offers

Easily compare the offers that could be available to you, including balance transfers, money transfers and instalment plans.

Transfer cash to your bank account

If you need access to cash, you can move credit from your Barclaycard to your current account with our 0% interest offer (fee applies).

Clocks go forward this Sunday

On Sunday 29 March between 0.00 GMT and 3.00 BST (2 hours), we need to take some of our systems down to put our clocks forward.

We know the timing is not ideal during these difficult and challenging times, but we’ll do all we can to help you before and after.

During this time, you can use your card, and online servicing, but you won’t be able to manage your account using the Barclaycard app.

If you need to make any payments to your account, please do so before we start. We’ll add any payments to your account as soon as we’re finished.

Thanks for your patience – for updates, please visit our service status page or follow @Barclaycard on Twitter.

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