Coronavirus help and support

You may be eligible for a Barclaycard payment holiday to help you through this difficult time. The quickest and easiest way to apply is to fill in our online form – there’s no need to call us. 

Visit our help and support page for more information.

Coronavirus support

Savings are there for the taking

A balance transfer is an easy way to keep your credit in one place, and if the rate on your new card is lower, you could save money on interest.

Barclaycard Share the Stage – from Abbey Road Studios

We’re bringing together the biggest acts and the hottest new names, sharing the stage – direct from the world-famous Abbey Road Studios.

And to help give you that festival feeling, we’ll have lots of perks and exclusive prizes to be won too.

Fakes and scams are never in short supply

There has been a rise in attempted scams linked to coronavirus. Use our Fraud Fighter tool to get personalised hints and tips to help you protect yourself.

Check you’ve got all the alerts you need

It takes just a minute to check which ones you have and turn on some more

Try our Repayment Calculator to see how to pay us less in interest

See how you could pay us less in interest and clear your balance years sooner - you might be surprised. T&Cs apply.

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