Alerts and updates through email and SMS

A range of useful alerts by text or email

Let your account information come to you with our free alerts and updates.

They can help you avoid missing a payment, stay on top of your budgeting and make it easier to manage your Barclaycard account. And best of all, they're completely free to receive in the UK.

Choose how and when you receive your alerts – You can set them up to manage your account the way you want by text or email.

  Weekly account balance update

Give your account balance a weekly check-up. You can get an update delivered to your inbox on any day of the week you want.

  Payment received confirmation

Wouldn’t it be great to know when we’ve received your payment? Just set up a confirmation and you can pay and relax.

  Statement available notification

If you’ve chosen paperless statements you’ll get an alert to let you know your latest statement is ready to check online.

  Payment due reminder

Set up a handy reminder to alert you five days before your bill’s due. It could help you to avoid late payment charges.

  Balance limit alert

You can set a balance limit alert to any amount you like. It’ll give you a heads up so could help you from going over your limit.

  Monthly spend limit alert

Stay in control of your spending with a monthly limit alert. Set the amount you want, with the date, so it’s personalised to suit you.

Quick guide

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Statement transformation three
Update in ‘Alerts & reminders’

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