Alerts and updates through email and SMS

Set up alerts to keep tabs on your account

Stay one step ahead with free alerts

Our alerts help to keep you on top of the important things, like when a bill is due or when your statement’s ready for you.

They can give you a nudge when it’s time to sort out your payments, check important information or curb your spending for the month – so you’re always in control of the things that matter on your account.

You can choose to get your alerts by text or email, whenever you prefer. And they’re completely free to receive in the UK.

Alerts you can rely on

Weekly account balance update

Check your balance each week so you know you’re on budget.

 Payment received confirmation

Know when your payment’s reached us – and relax.

Statement available notification

Make sure you check your statement as soon as it’s ready.

Payment due reminder

Get alerted five days before your payment’s due. It could help you to avoid late payment charges.

Balance limit alert

Set a limit for your balance and make sure you don’t go over it.

Monthly spend limit alert

Choose your limit and set it for any date you prefer.

Set your alerts in three simple steps

Select ‘Manage account’.

Update in ‘Alerts & reminders’.

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