Using your Barclaycard when travelling abroad

Going abroad? Don’t forget to pack your Barclaycard – it’s an easy and secure way to spend wherever you are in the world. And with fraud protection and benefits like emergency cash to rely on, you can relax knowing that we’ve got your back.

A 2.99% fee for each non-sterling transaction while you’re abroad

Using your credit card abroad doesn’t have to be complicated. With Barclaycard, you just pay one single non-sterling transaction fee of 2.99%* on each transaction when you buy something or withdraw cash overseas. And you don’t have to let us know you’re going to use your credit card before you travel.

Before you decide how to pay, it’s worth bearing in mind that other card providers and retailers might charge you for using your credit card abroad.  
Some of our cards have different fees and charges, which you’ll find in the summary box on the back of your statement. 

Remember, the 2.99% non-sterling transaction fee might not apply if we’ve already offered you a lower promotional fee. 

Interest-free purchases and withdrawals for up to 56 days

Enjoy a little breather once you get home, with no interest to pay for up to 56 days, provided you pay each monthly statement balance in full, on:

  • Purchases you make when you use your credit card abroad, like paying for your hotel room in the local currency
  • Any non-sterling cash withdrawals you make while you're away
Find out more about when the 56-day interest period applies.

Your Barclaycard's packed with travel features:

Fraud protection home and abroad

Relax, knowing we’re still looking after your account while you’re away.

  • 24/7 fraud monitoring
  • Early warning service – we’ll tell you if we ever spot anything suspicious
  • Calls to the UK – contacting our helpline from abroad is charged as a local call or you can reverse the charges

Emergency card and cash

If you lose your Barclaycard abroad, your holiday doesn’t have to come to an end. Call us 24/7 on +44 (0)1604 230 230 and we could…

  • organise a temporary credit card
  • arrange a cash advance of up to £1,000 – subject to your available cash limit

Worldwide assistance

If your trip doesn’t go according to plan, we’re here for you. Call us on +44 (0)1604 230 230 and we could…

  • arrange transport back home
  • find you a local, English-speaking doctor or lawyer
Make sure you take a look at our Worldwide credit card assistance page for more information.

Compare the cost of spending abroad

You can compare the rates for using your Barclaycard abroad by downloading our Using your card abroad PDF (40KB) . The credit card used in the example is Barclaycard Platinum. Other cards may have different fees, which you’ll find in the summary box on your statement.

To make sure your exchange rate is as competitive as possible, you’ll pay the daily exchange rate set by Visa .

Check the rate before you pay 

Some retailers might let you pay overseas in Sterling, which means you’ll avoid the fee altogether. This is called Dynamic Currency Conversion. If you pay this way, you won’t be charged the 2.99% fee. Although it makes the price you're paying clearer, you’ll be given a set exchange rate set by the retailer, which might not be as competitive as the ones set by Visa. This could make it more expensive overall, so make sure you check the rate you’re being offered before you use your card. Alternatively, you can pay in the foreign currency and pay the fee. 

What happens when you use your credit card abroad?

If you buy something or withdraw cash abroad using the local currency, the transaction and the non-sterling transaction fee are converted into sterling using the payment scheme exchange rate from the day your transaction’s processed.

The two sterling amounts are then added together and divided by the original currency payment amount to work out the new exchange rate. You’ll see this rate – which includes the fee – on your statement.

To show you how this works, we’re going to use a made-up example with a customer called Nigel. Let’s say he makes a purchase of €50 using his Barclaycard Visa while on holiday in Dublin.

  • On the day his transaction is processed, the daily payment scheme exchange rate is €1 = £0.709395
  • So his purchase is converted from €50 to £35.47
  • He has to pay the 2.99%* transaction fee on the £35.47, which costs him £1.06
  • We add together the purchase and the fee, which is £36.53
  • And then divide that £36.53 by the original €50 purchase to work out the new exchange rate, which includes the fee – €1 = £0.73
  • Nigel’s statement will show the original charge and this new exchange rate
If Nigel had a lower promotional fee then the 2.99% non sterling transaction fee might not apply.

More information 

Cards with different fees and charges

Barclays Infinite, Open Plan Gold, Littlewoods Visa, Mobile Contactless Payments use different pricing structures. 

When the 56 day interest-free period applies

The 56-day interest-free period only applies to new purchases and non-sterling transactions, but only if you pay your main statement balance in full, plus any Purchase Plan instalments. The following cards don’t have 56 days interest-free purchases: Premier Charge Card and Woolwich Openplan. If you have one of these cards, check the back of your statement.

Promotional offers and spending abroad 

The 2.99% transaction fee might not apply if we’ve recently offered you a lower promotional fee by letter or email. This will also tell you the end date for the promotion.


Yes, this is the same as your UK daily limit – it’s just in the local currency. To see what this is, take a look at your statement through Barclaycard online servicing .

Of course, you can make contactless payments wherever you see the contactless symbol   at home and abroad.

If a retailer doesn’t have contactless technology, you can still pay using Chip and PIN. Find out more about Contactless payments .

Your exchange rate is set every day by Visa.

Check Visa's daily exchange rate for the past 12 months

This is when a retailer gives you the choice of paying in the local currency or in sterling. Paying in sterling makes the price you’re paying clearer, and means you don’t have to pay the 2.99% fee. But the exchange rate is set by the retailer and might not be as competitive as the ones set by Visa   - so paying in sterling could end up costing you more.

You receive exactly the same cover on your purchases abroad as you get at home, so you can rest easy wherever you are in the world.

The 2.99% transaction fee is built into the exchange rate you see on your statement, so the rate looks lower.

That’s the non-sterling transaction fee we charge you for using your card abroad. It’s a single fee on each transaction so you know exactly how much you’ll pay, wherever you are in the world. 

Get in touch while abroad

For lost or stolen cards, to arrange emergency cash or if you need worldwide assistance, call us 24/7 on: 

+44 (0)1604 230 230

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*The 2.99% transaction fee might not apply if we've recently offered you a lower promotional fee.