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1% cashback uncapped

A more rewarding way to pay. Get 1% cashback uncapped*

And you could earn a welcome bonus of up to £100. T&Cs apply. Apply by 13 December 2023.

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*Cashback T&Cs applyWelcome bonus T&Cs apply. You could earn £100 cashback for eligible spend of £5,000 or more across the first three statement months. New Select Cashback customers only. Apply by 13 December 2023. Read more welcome bonus T&Cs. We’ll decide whether to approve your application and the terms we offer by looking at your financial circumstances and borrowing history.

A smarter way to take payments in-store, on the move, and more

From a pocket-sized pay-as-you-go card reader to a power-packed point of sale solution, our products can help your business accept payments speedily and securely.

And to give your cashflow a boost – we offer free accounting software (worth £264)Δ and you could get paid as soon as the next day.**

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Recognised for the 10th year running

We are delighted to have been awarded ‘Best Business Card Provider’ at the Business Moneyfacts Awards for the 10th year running.

We’re proud to be recognised for supporting the UK’s business community 10 years in a row, demonstrating how much we value and reward our customers year in and year out.

Moneyfacts awards

Powering your business ambitions

The payment part is just the start

Find out how we can improve your go-to-market strategy and cut through the complexities of a challenging business environment.

Business to business payments news

As the business landscape keeps changing, get up-to-date guidance to help find the right payment choices for your business.

Our new Business Boost Award

Securing funding can be tough. We want to make a difference. So, we've launched this annual award to give five SMEs a £10,000 bursary, and the support they need. 

  • You could also earn £50 cashback for eligible spend between £3,000 and £4,999 across the first three statement months. Eligible spend excludes purchases that are returned or refunded, balance transfers, cash-like transactions, cash withdrawals, cheque purchases, insurance premiums, interest, default charges and other fees and charges. We’ll credit your account with the full value of your promotional cashback on your fifth statement month. You’ll see this on your statement as ‘Promotional Cashback’. Promotional cashback available to new Barclaycard Select Cashback customers who apply between 2 October and 13 December 2023.
  • ΔFree FreshBooks Plus plan available for selected Barclaycard customers only. FreshBooks reserves the right to terminate free accounts that don’t belong to an existing Barclaycard customer. The partners may receive a revenue share from each other on approved applications. 
  • **Settlement terms may vary. To receive next-day settlement, you need to take transactions before 7pm.