Learn about taking payments

If you’re just starting out in the world of taking payments, our guides provide the basics of what you need to know. 

Beginner’s guide to taking card payments

Find out why you would want to take card payments, how the payment process actually works, and how much it costs.

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Beginner’s guide to PCI DSS

When you take card payments, your customers are trusting you with their valuable details and assume you’re keeping them out of the hands of fraudsters. Being PCI DSS compliant can help you do just that.

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Beginner’s guide to preventing fraud

Whereas PCI DSS is about preventing cardholder data from being stolen, fraud prevention is about stopping fraudsters from then going on to use that stolen cardholder data for profit. 

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Beginner’s guide to chargebacks

Chargebacks can cost your business money – so it’s important to know what they are, how to respond to them, and how to prevent them from happening.

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