Multicurrency Settlement Solution

Take your business worldwide

Selling abroad could open up exciting opportunities for your business – from growing your sales, to economies of scale.  If you’d like to make it easy for your customers to pay in their own currency, Barclaycard Multicurrency Settlement Solution may be for you. We can process your payments in a choice of 50 currencies and settle back to you in one of 14; allowing you to focus on what’s important – your business.


A multinational market for your business

As ecommerce continues to expand, the opportunities to reach new markets are expanding too. Any business with an eye on multinational sales could benefit from offering a customer’s local currency. And the more currencies you can accept, the more customers you can appeal to.

By accepting and processing multicurrency payments, you could access a global market; expanding your customer base and increasing your sales opportunity. Barclaycard Multicurrency Settlement Solution is ideal if:

You take overseas orders

You can tap into potentially higher conversion rates and improve your customer experience. When customers can see the price of goods in their local currency, they have more faith in the payment process – driving sales*.

You process many like-for-like currencies

Processing multiple currencies and then settling them in the same currency can be expensive and take time. With our solution, all settlement currencies can be switched to one or two currencies – making the whole process simpler and potentially reducing foreign exchange risk too.

Next steps

Set up is simple. Firstly you need to decide which currencies you wish us to process on your behalf, select the settlement currencies of your choice, and let us know.
You can either contact your Relationship Manager or call 0800 096 8199 to get started.

Then simply contact either your IT department or partner, or your web developer, to make sure your prices are displayed in the currency you wish to accept.

* '5 essential components for attracting international customers (Revenue Wire) January 2015'. 

Benefits at a glance

It’s flexible

The key to international success is letting your customers buy in their local currency, so can you make more sales.

It’s easy

Setting up and getting started is very simple.

It’s clear

We price transparently by loading the exchange rate based on your turnover.

There’s less to manage

There’s no need to buy and sell currency or to manage multiple currency accounts. We will settle the payment for you in the currency of your choice, taking the pressure off your treasury function.

It suits any business selling abroad

Barclaycard Multicurrency Settlement Solution is ideally suited to anyone who’s looking to sell overseas. 

The currencies

Accept payments from all around the world

You can accept payments in the currencies shown below. The ones highlighted are currencies we can both process and settle back to you in.




Albania Lek ALL
Argentina Argentine peso ARS
Australia Australian dollar AUD
Bolivia Bolivian boliviano BOB
Bulgaria Bulgarian lev BGN
Brazil Brazilian real BRL
Canada Canadian dollar CAD
Chile Chilean peso CLP
China Yuan renminbi CNY
Colombia Colombian peso COP
Croatia Croatian kuna HRK
Czech Republic Czech koruna CZK
Denmark Danish krone DKK
Estonia Kroon EEK
European Union Euro EUR
Hong Kong Hong Kong dollar HKD
Hungary Forint HUF
Iceland Icelandic krona ISK
India Indian rupee INR
Israel New Israeli shekel ILS
Japan Yen JPY
Korea (Republic of) Won KRW
Malaysia Malaysian ringgits MYR
Mexico Mexican peso MXN
Morocco Moroccan dirham MAD
Nepal Nepalise rupee NPR
New Zealand New Zealand dollar NZD
Norway Norwegian krone NOK
Pakistan Pakistan rupee PKR
Paraquay Paraguayan guarani PYG
Peru Peruvian peso PEN
Philippines Philippine peso PHP
Poland Zloty PLN
Romanian Leu RON
Russia Russian ruble RUB
Saudi Arabia Saudi riyal SAR
Singapore Singapore dollar SGD
South Africa Rand ZAR
Sri Lanka Sri Lanka rupee LKR
Sweden Swedish krona SEK
Switzerland Swiss franc CHF
Taiwan New Taiwan dollar TWD
Thailand Baht THB
Turkey New Turkish lira TRY
Ukraine Hryvnia UAH
UK Pound sterling GBP
United Arab Emirates UAE dirham AED
Uruguay Uruguayan peso UYU
USA US dollar USD
Venezuela Venezuelan bolivar VEF