Corporate Payment Solutions

Payments just got smarter

The world of payments is changing and changing fast.

Keeping pace with technology and delivering what shoppers want can be challenging, but our payment solutions are designed to make things easier.
So you can focus on what’s really important like growing your business.

Since we’ve launched the UK’s first credit card back in the 60s, we’ve worked hard to keep ourselves ahead of payments game.
And that’s why we’re now launching this payment gateway solution called Barclaycard Smartpay.

Smartpay helps you grow your business by meeting the demands of today’s connected shopper. It lets you to take quick and secure payments from shoppers, online, face-to-face, in-app and through mobile.

As payments trends continue to evolve, we’re here to help you stay competitive.
Take the first step today with our Barclaycard Smartpay.

Global payments

Accept card payments wherever and however your customers want to pay

Safe and secure

Help block fraudsters, protect customer data and be fully PCI DSS compliant


Be ready for the demands of today and the tech innovations of tomorrow

Choice and value

No two businesses are the same, so neither are our solutions

Easy to pay

Swipe, touch or one-click for an effortless shopper experience


As tech evolves and shoppers demand more, we don’t just keep pace we set it


The world of ecommerce keeps on growing. New channels and new tech means new demands from today’s connected shopper. And our experts can deliver these for corporates of all sizes and all sectors across the world.

Point of sale

Wherever your customers shop we’re there for them. In store, at an event or even on the road, we’ve an integrated EPOS solution. So payments are effortless and the shopper feels totally secure.

Mobile and in-app

Paying on your mobile or in-app is now everyday. Keeping ahead of this fast-moving world of mobile payments, digital wallets and apps means our mobile optimised payment pages and streamlined in-app payments are essential.


In today’s truly global, digital world, the connected shopper expects to pay easily across every and any touchpoint. Whether they’re in store, on a mobile or online at home, they expect and we deliver a seamless experience.

Industry and sector expertise

We understand the latest payment trends and how to optimise the shopper experience. From retail to leisure and entertainment, professional and financial services to public sector, utilities and telecoms.