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Redefine your advantage

The payments landscape is evolving at a rapid pace. To stay one step ahead, businesses need a future-proof corporate payment strategy.

That’s why we’ve created Redefine advantage: insights for a new competitive edge, an exclusive content series, sharing the latest thinking on today’s major payment trends.

Watch the video to find out what our experts will be examining, or read on to learn more about our first topic: Fraud and Regulation.



What’s your Strong Customer Authentication strategy?

Like all regulation, Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) brings new challenges.

But with the right strategies in place, merchants can be compliant, help reduce fraud and offer secure payments – while creating a frictionless customer experience.

See our white paper to find out more – or check out our handy infographic for a quick read.

What is PSD2?

With the aim to improve customer rights, find out what impact PSD2 will have on the way merchants take payments in the near future.

Insights from the industry

We speak to David Jeffrey, Barclaycard’s Director of Fraud and Security Products on how merchants are responding to PDS2.

PSD2 security guide

An overview of the future SCA regulations and what they mean for online merchants when the deadline hits in September 2019.

Redefining advantage in your sector

The business landscape is ever changing – today’s advantage may be gone tomorrow.

With the latest technology, backed by over 50 years of payment expertise from Barclaycard, we can help you keep the queues down and customers happy.

Whether you’re in retail or the food and drink sector, we offer reliable payment solutions that keep you ahead of the game.

Corporate payment solutions for a competitive edge

Integrated POS solutions

With Connect or Connect+, take digital, contactless, and mobile payments with feature-rich card readers that integrate easily with your existing software.

Point of sale solutions

From standalone desktop readers to a full payments service, Barclaycard have a range of solutions to keep payments fast, simple and secure.

Payment processing

Barclaycard offers comprehensive payment processing, also known as acquiring, to help you take a range of UK and international payment methods.

Online payments

For corporates of all sizes and sectors, Barclaycard Smartpay offers a fast and easy online checkout process to help increase conversion rates.

Omnichannel payments

Deliver a seamless customer experience across in-store, mobile and online with an integrated omnichannel payment solution.

Mobile payments

Buying from your business on-the-go is fast and easy with our payment gateway that allows customers to buy through mobile or app.

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Your payment solutions should be more than an operational decision, it should be a strategic one too.

We can help you redefine your advantage for a smarter payments strategy to help future-proof your business in an evolving landscape.

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