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Corporate payment solutions

Corporate payment solutions

Insights and solutions for a competitive edge

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Redefine your advantage

Redefine your advantage

The payments landscape is evolving at a rapid pace. To stay one step ahead, businesses need a future-proof corporate payment strategy.

That’s why we’ve created Redefine advantage: insights for a new competitive edge, an exclusive content series, sharing current thinking on today’s major payment trends and hot topics. Discover what our experts will be examining by visiting our news hub.

Digital payment choices

Making the right digital payment choices to stay competitive

With an exponential growth in eCommerce and unstoppable rise of e-wallets, there’s a new opportunity to help mid and large merchants win customer loyalty by effectively harnessing the power of their digital payments. 

Find out in our latest report, 'The true cost of payment acceptance', so you can discover the true costs of
digital payments and other important issues to consider.

New podcast: Figureheads

New podcast: Figureheads – brought to you by Barclaycard Business

Don’t miss intriguing business lessons from the most brilliant business brains. Host Warwick Davis hears the stories behind the headlines of the world’s top sporting and entertainment institutions, from the figureheads who made it all happen.

Listen and subscribe on Apple podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

Redefining advantage in your sector

Food and drink solutions

We take time to understand the needs of the food and drink business to help you stay ahead with forward-looking products and the latest industry insights. Whether your customers are paying for a quick coffee or a long lunch, we offer solutions to make payments simple and secure.

Retail solutions

Some of the world's most well-known retailers trust Barclaycard expertise and technology to deliver reliable and secure payment solutions that encourage customer loyalty and increase conversions. Find out how out retail partnerships can help drive your business growth or check out our case study with Admiral.

Admiral case study

Admiral almost doubled their revenue after three months

We're here to help businesses streamline payment processes and improve their bottom line. 

Read our case study on how Admiral and Barclaycard worked together to do just that. 

*Admiral saw increased revenue worth between £3.8m and £6m after working with Barclaycard between February 2018 and April 2018.

Corporate payment solutions for a competitive edge

Integrated POS solutions

Connect or Connect+ are  feature-rich card readers that integrate easily with your existing software - and take digital, contactless, and mobile payments.

Mobile payments

Buying from your business on-the-go is fast and easy with our payment gateway that allows customers to buy through mobile or app.

Omnichannel payments

Deliver a seamless customer experience across in-store, mobile and online with an integrated omnichannel payment solution.

Online payments

For corporates of all sizes and sectors, Barclaycard Smartpay offers a fast and easy online checkout process to help increase conversion rates.

Payment processing

Barclaycard offers comprehensive payment processing, known as acquiring, to help you take a range of UK and international payment methods.

Point of sale solutions

From standalone desktop readers to a full payments service, Barclaycard have a range of solutions to keep payments fast, simple and secure.

Dynamic currency conversion

Dynamic currency conversion allows customers to pay in their own currency at the point of sale when paying with Visa or Mastercard overseas. With over 80 major currencies on offer, you'll have a dedicated support team to help you set it up and start to earn a share of the foreign currency commission.

Barclaycard Multicurrency

Our Barclaycard Multicurrency solution is ideal for online retailers or those looking to expand into international sales. It's easy to set up and to start taking international payments. Your customers can pay in over 100 currencies and we can settle the amounts back to you in a choice of GBP, EUR or USD. 

Your payment solutions should be more than an operational decision, it should be a strategic one too.

We're here to help you redefine your advantage with a smarter payments strategy and to help future-proof your business as payments evolve.

Simply add your details to our online form and our payment experts will give you a call when it suits your schedule. If you’re an existing customer, you can find help on the Barclaycard for Business App (iOS and Android devices only) or check out our FAQs.

Corporate payments

* Admiral saw increased revenue worth between £3.8m and £6m after working with Barclaycard between February 2018 and April 2018.