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Get ready – the payments landscape is changing

Turn the regulatory changes into an advantage

In recent years, the financial world has been heavily investing in modern tech to enhance the customer experience. But it’s also left room for rising levels of cybercrime.

Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) is a piece of EU legislation that’s now in effect to help combat online fraud. Merchants will be expected to follow the new regulations to help make the online checkout journey more secure.

Our experts have put together a whitepaper that offers insights into how you can transform your business to succeed in the new regulatory environment. And with deadlines looming, we’ve drawn up an infographic with need-to-know facts, dates and the risks of not being prepared for the upcoming changes.

Payments transformed

Data breach aftermath

No matter what precautions you take, you need to be prepared for the worst. Learn how to limit the damage of data breaches using other companies’ experiences.

How secure is 3D Secure 2?

It’s here in time for PSD2. But how secure is 3DS2 and will it really mean improved sales, better customer experience and fewer abandoned carts? Find out here.

Data, data and more data

Why is data key to driving payment innovation? We dive into the different types that are available and how it can be used to support merchants like you.

Combatting fraud and dealing with new regulations

Corporate payments insights

Transforming transactions into seamless customer experiences

A payment experience can make the difference between one-off buyers (or even abandoned carts) and loyal customers.

As businesses face increasing pressure to invest in the right technologies, combat fraud across converging channels and comply with new regulations like Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2), payments remain key to customer satisfaction.

In this whitepaper our experts set out the steps to transform transactions into experiences and redefine advantage in CX.

Creating a seamless customer experience

How do you create a seamless shopping experience? We surveyed 627 British businesses to get their views on payments and the customer experience.

Tomorrow's paytech

From subdermal implants to ‘dine and dash’, we look at the future of payment technology and examine what new trends are likely to stay with us – and why.


IoT at Tech forum

At Barclays' fourth Tech Forum experts discussed how the Internet of Things is creating new revenue opportunities for businesses.