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Hospitality and leisure

Accepting payments – hospitality

Hospitality payment solutions 

Call 0808 158 5149 | Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm

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The approval of your application depends on financial circumstances and borrowing history.
*Settlement terms may vary. To receive next-day settlement, transactions need to be taken before 7pm.
Free FreshBooks Plus plan available for selected Barclaycard customers only. FreshBooks reserves the right to terminate free accounts that don’t belong to an existing Barclaycard customer. The partners may receive a revenue share from each other on approved applications.

Get a taste of our solutions for hospitality businesses

Get a taste of our solutions for hospitality businesses

Whether you’re serving up street food or offering fine dining, we’ve got a range of solutions to help you make the most of your payments – and to keep your customers coming back for another helping.

What’s more, our card readers let you get paid quickly,* and come with a free accountancy package worth over £260 a year so you can focus on what really matters – your hospitality business.

What our card readers can bring to the table

The reliable all-rounder

Take payments around your premises or at the table

Connects via Bluetooth, GPRS, Wi-Fi and mobile data networks

A low rate of 1.6% per transaction – with no hidden costs

All-in-one POS solution

Manage bookings on your card reader or in the online portal

Reduce no-shows with automatic message reminders

Manage your suppliers all in one place and track stock levels

Our pocket-sized tool

Double up on devices to cut waiting times for customers

Speed up service by being able to apply discounts and total up bills

Track sales with reports to help run your business better

Take payments online, over the phone and by post

Take online payments

Offer your customers more ways to pay for their online bookings and services with the help of our gateways.

Mail and phone payments

Give your customers more payment choice by accepting a variety of card types by post or over the phone.

Tomasz, Coffee Trike

“Barclaycard helped us to reach new customers who appreciated the flexible payment options.”

– Tomasz, Coffee Trike

Our card readers helped Tomasz’s business – read more on how they can help yours: 10 ways a card reader benefits your business

Is your payment solution still the right one for your business?

Break free from your current contract

Break free from your current contract

We could cover up to £3,000 of your exit fees if you switch to us. And we won’t charge you for leaving if you need to in the future.

Call 0808 189 3804, between Monday and Friday from 9am – 6pm or request a call-back.

(Not available on Smartpay Anywhere. T&Cs apply.)

Talk to us about your hospitality business

We’re here to listen to your needs and recommend the most suitable solution for hospitality. We also partner with trade associations to offer their members help and support. If your business is a trade association member, please let us know when you call.

You can get in touch on 0800 158 5149, Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm. Or fill in the form to request a call back.

Talk to us about your hospitality business
Discover more rewarding ways to pay

Discover more rewarding ways to pay

With a range of cards that offer rewarding ways to pay, it’s no wonder we’ve won Moneyfacts’ ‘Best Business Card Provider’ 10 years running.

Get 1% cashbackΔ uncapped on your business credit card spend and no annual fees for your card or account.Δ T&Cs apply.

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