Credit and charge card help

  • Report a lost or stolen card

    If you've misplaced your card or been a victim of crime fill out the form below, for all card types including:

    •   Credit card
    •   Corporate card
    •   Purchasing card
    •   Government procurement card (GPC Visa)

    Once you have spoken to our Lost and Stolen team you will need to complete the following:

    Disclaimer form PDF (580KB) 

    The claim form below is to be used by Barclays US staff Only:

    US Cardholder Claim Form PDF (207KB) 

    Did you know, you can also suspend a card using MyControls on our Barclaycard Business Online Servicing (BBOS) portal? You’ll need to ensure you are registered for BBOS – then look at our help section on MyControls.

  • Online registration and Log-in

    How do I register for BBOS?

    Follow this link for a video on how to register: https://www.barclaycard.co.uk/business/getonline

    1. From the login page, next to ‘Not registered?’, click the ‘Register Now’ button
    2. You will need the 8-digit username that we sent to you, the card number (if you have received your card), and your DOB
    3. If you have forgotten your username you can click ‘Forgotten Username’.  To protect your account, we have to send your username reminder by post to the address we hold on file.  You can also ask your administrator who can log in to find your username. Or you can contact Customer Services.   

    How do I login to BBOS?

    To login to BBOS, you will need:

    1. Your email address/username
    2. Your password
    3. Your account key

    If you have forgotten your username, you can click on ‘Forgotten Username’ and follow the steps listed to receive a username reminder.  
    If you have forgotten your password, you can click on ‘Forgotten Password’ and follow the steps listed to reset your password.

    How do I change my information on BBOS?

    1. As an authorised signatory you can change your contact information, employee address, online password & account key through BBOS
    2.From the homepage, click ‘Manage’ on the far right of the navigation bar
    3. From the dropdown, select ‘Company details’
    4. Scroll down to the ‘Employees’ section, and select your name from the right hand side ‘Administrators’ list
    5. On this page, click the blue ‘Edit’ button next to whichever piece of information you wish to update
    6. Confirm the new details and then press ‘Save’

    Can I promote someone to an Authorised Signatory on BBOS?

    This can only be done if you are an Authorised Signatory.

    1. From the homepage, click ‘Manage’ on the far right of the navigation bar
    2. From the dropdown, select ‘Company details’
    3. Scroll down to the ‘Employees’ section, and select the name from the right hand side ‘Administrators’ list who you would like to promote to Authorised Signatory
    4. Underneath their name on the left hand side of the screen, select ‘Promote to an Authorised Signatory’


  • Transactions and Statements

    You can view, download and print statements within BBOS.

    How do I view statements?

    1. Login to BBOS
    2. Select ‘Statements’ on the navigation bar
    3. Scroll to the date of the statement required
    4. Click ‘View’
    5. From here, you can also download to Excel by clicking ‘Download .CSV’

    How do I download statements from BBOS?

    1. Login to BBOS
    2. Select ‘Statements’ on the navigation bar
    3. Scroll to the date of the statement required
    4. Click ‘Download’
    5. A pdf copy of your statement will open

    How do I view and print transactions?

    1. From the homepage, click ‘Transactions’ in the middle of the navigation bar
    2. From here, you can see your Recent, Pending & Declined transactions
    3. If you wish to see previous transactions, click the dropdown arrow next to ‘Current activity period’
    4. Scroll down and select the month of transactions you wish to see
    5. To download the list of transactions, click the grey ‘Download.CSV’ box
    6. This will download the statement into Excel
    Once downloaded, you will be able to print the list of transactions


  • Payments

    You can make a payment using BBOS.

    How do I make a payment on BBOS?

    1. On the right hand side of the homepage, click ‘Make payment’ under the ‘Payment details’ section
    2. From here, you can enter the card details and the amount you would like to pay

    You can also click the tab to the left of ‘Make payment’ which is ‘Payment history’ to see previous payments made on the card

    For country specific payment processes, please choose your country, from the list below, where the payment will originate.

    Payment instructions by country

    First choose the country, from the list below, where the payment will originate:

  • MyControls

    Keeping a close eye on your spending is essential for your business. Choose when and where your cards can be used with our new service called MyControls.

    How do I suspend a card in BBOS?

    1. From the homepage, click ‘Manage’ and then ‘Company Details’ on the far right of the navigation bar
    2. Scroll down to ‘Employees’ and ‘Cardholders’ on the left hand side
    3. Select the cardholder whose card you wish to suspend
    4. Under ‘Employee Details’, click the grey ‘Controls’ tab which is next to the ‘General Details’ tab
    5. From here, click the toggle under ‘Suspend a card’ to ‘Yes’
    6. Press save

    If you are an administrator or authorised signatory, you can also restrict cards to UK only transactions, prevent cash withdrawals or online transactions, and apply purchasing restrictions from this page.  

  • Add an additional cardholder

  • Change of legal name

    Complete this form to update your legal name.

    Change of legal name PDF (150KB) 

  • Change of authorised signatories

    Our online form allows you to add a director, partner or employee as an authorised signatory.

    Add an authorised signatory PDF (176KB) 

  • Insurances

  • How to appeal against your lending decision

    The appeals process

    Our Business Card appeals process enables you to appeal against a lending decision if you've been declined or aren't completely satisfied with the terms of our offer.

    Informing you about this process is part of our commitment to supporting you and your business. The process is monitored by an independent, external auditor to ensure that it's fair and effective.

    When can I appeal?

    You can appeal if your application was declined and:

    The turnover for your business is under £25 million (if it’s part of a group of companies, this applies to the full group)

    Your lending application was declined in the past 30 days

    You provided all the required information on the Application Form

    You have not previously appealed this decision

    Your existing lending isn’t subject to formal demand or enforcement or legal proceedings

    Your application doesn’t breach UK law and regulations, doesn’t involve cross-border transactions in countries subject to UN sanctions, and isn’t linked to a product that may be used to evade tax

    You can also appeal if your application was approved but you’re not satisfied with the limit of credit granted. This excludes the costs of borrowing, agreed fees and standard terms we apply to the Business Card facility.

    How do I appeal?

    Appeals need to be made within 30 days of the original decision about your Application. Make sure you outline your reason for appealing and include any additional information to support your case.

    Please submit your appeal in writing to Department MRM6, Barclaycard Commercial, 1234 Pavilion Drive, Northampton, NN4 75G

    Who reviews my appeal?

    Your appeal will be reviewed by an experienced lending specialist within Barclaycard who was not involved in the original decline decision to make sure the appeal is handled objectively and fairly.

    How long does it take to get a decision?

    We’ll respond within 30 days of your appeal with written notification.

    What can I do if I’ve already appealed unsuccessfully?

    If you’ve appealed a decision unsuccessfully, you have the right to make a formal complaint to us.

    We take our role as responsible lenders very seriously and are committed to working with you to find other sources of funding. This includes a wide range of free support services to help you make the most of your existing resources.

    Alternative sources of finance

    Although Barclaycard Business may be unable to support your borrowing request at this time, there are alternative sources available to small and medium businesses.
    You may want to consider approaching a local Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), which can be contacted at www.cdfa.org.uk.
    Other options include finding a business mentor to provide support and guidance at www.mentorsme.co.uk  and general advice at Better Business Finance.

  • Compare the cost of spending abroad

    To help you understand the costs of using your card abroad, we’ve put together comparison tables of our current exchange rates for certain currencies. These are a mark-up against the rate published by the European Central Bank (ECB).

    When you buy something or take money out of an ATM within the EU, you may have the option to pay in sterling rather than the local currency. In this case, you should be provided with a rate by the retailer or ATM provider.

    You can use these tables to help you decide which rate to use based on the product you have. If you’d like us to convert the amount, choose to pay in or withdraw the local currency.

    This document was last updated on 22 May 2020 at 10am. The rates in the tables may not reflect the rate on the day the payment is due to be processed or the current Visa, Mastercard and European Central Bank rates.

    The Visa rate is updated from Tuesday to Saturday at 12am. The European Central Bank’s rate is updated from Monday to Friday at 3pm. The Mastercard rate is updated every day at 2pm.

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