Virtual payments

Virtual payments

All you need for secure business spending


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Access to secure and controlled spend

Streamline and track your business spend

Easily manage suppliers and payments

What Precisionpay virtual payments can bring to your business

The convenience to pay for corporate travel expenses globally with the added efficiencies and cash flow improvements that come with our card programmes and online services

Help improve working capital, revenues and make it easier to pay suppliers with timely and accurate client billing

Allows you to pay for goods online or over the phone with no need for a physical card, just one easily managed online account

Easily integrates with your existing purchasing systems to help you operate more efficiently

Many options include automatic reconciliation using business request, payment information and unique business references

From business travel to making B2B payments, virtual cards are an ideal alternative to cheques and bank transfers for everyday business spend

Your Precisionpay virtual payments options

Precisionpay Online

Precisionpay Online

All the benefits of card payments with secure, bespoke controls

Settle payments efficiently with approval processes already in place

For use alongside existing systems, including phone and online buying

Finances that adapt

Precisionpay Direct

Stay in control of direct and occasional purchases from new or lesser used suppliers

Purchase through a dynamically funded card with no need for paper invoices and settle amounts later with Barclaycard

Simple to adopt and use to settle invoices once approved in your existing AP system

Precisionpay Connect

Precisionpay Connect

Ideal for buying from strategic buyers directly through catalogue or booking systems

Connect to a buying system or portal with a standard API

Payments are completely automatic at point of sale with no need for paper invoices

Precisionpay Bank Transfer

Precisionpay Bank Transfer

Ideal for paying suppliers who don’t wish to take card payments

Manage working capital with up to 56 days to settle after supplier payment

Payments made direct to suppliers with no further action needed

Efficient processes and flexible payment options for buyer and supplier

Find out more on what Precisionpay can do for you

We hear from Anna Porra from Barclaycard Commercial Payments on Precisionpay, and how its great features and benefits can make virtual payments easier, faster and more convenient for your business. 

With more control of your business spending, you can really make the most of your working capital – so why not get in touch with one of our payment experts?

Travel management account

Centralise business travel spend and account details in one secure place for a more streamlined booking process.

Corporate card

Pay securely for international business travel, expenses and high-volume purchases with a widely-accepted payment card that’s easy for you to manage.  

Purchasing card

You can spend in store or online when making low-value, high-volume or occasional purchases for your business and reduce the need to store petty cash.