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Business to business payments

Harness the power of payments to transform working capital and manage risk

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Business is changing. Change how you do business

It’s not just how we connect and where we work that’s changed. Customer demand and supply chains are being disrupted as we adapt to new ways of doing things.

By unlocking the power of your payments, we could help to transform your working capital and reduce risk. Our solutions, including virtual cards and Barclaycard Payment Intelligence, get to work quickly with your existing systems, minimising any disruption or cost. So, you’re in a better position to adapt, whatever’s around the corner. 

Virtual cards

Powering change through payments

Rethink the way you look at your B2B payments with Barclaycard Payment Intelligence. By analysing your company’s unique incoming and outgoing payments, we can help you optimise supplier relationships, release untapped value from your supply chain, and drive bottom line returns.

Working with your business objectives, our payment experts and exclusive analytical tools can help you develop a bespoke payment strategy. And we can assist you in making that payment strategy a reality, so it can deliver benefits across your whole business.

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