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Find answers to your questions about cards for business and accepting payments

Business cardholders

The fastest way to manage your account is to log in to online servicing. There, you can:

view statements and transactions

add or change cardholder details

make payments - UK customers can pay by direct bank transfer (sort code 20 00 00, account number 23988260, your card or account number as reference)

set up a Direct Debit – go to ‘Payments’ in the top menu and select ‘Direct Debit’

view or order a new PIN

manage cardholder credit limits

order a replacement card

Read more on what you can do in online servicing here. Or if you can’t find what you need, visit our help and support page.

Help with accepting payments

You can get help on our help and support pages and troubleshooter. This includes help with: 

• fixing your card reader

• setting up your card reader

• how to handle chargebacks

• staying safe from fraud

• meeting the requirements of the PCI DSS

You can also contact us on 0800 161 5343 between Monday to Friday, 8am – 6pm.