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Barclaycard Transact

Barclaycard Transact

Manage fraud, maximise sales, and meet PSD2 and SCA requirements

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Online payments are changing – here’s how Transact can help

With cybercrime on the rise, PSD2 legislation has been introduced to help make banking safer. A key part of this is SCA (Strong Customer Authentication), which means customers will sometimes need to take extra steps to confirm their identity when shopping online. All merchants will need to adhere to SCA when it comes into effect.

This is where Barclaycard Transact comes in. It works with our online payment gateways* to manage fraud, maximise sales, and help remove the extra steps that customers could incur when shopping online.

* If you have a legacy online payment gateway subscription, you’ll be transferred to our latest version.

Benefit from fraud screening tools

The fraud screening process uses award winning technology to automatically score transactions in real-time according to risk level.

We control the rules system and manage this whole process for you, helping to reduce chargebacks and fraud.

Help reduce customer abandonment rates

Transaction Risk Analysis (TRA) is used to check a transaction’s risk level. If it’s eligible, it’ll skip past SCA checks and be sent directly to authorisation.

This can help to create a frictionless payment journey and reduce the risk of cart abandonment.

Improve customer experience

With the help of intelligent insights, Barclaycard Transact can help you accept more transactions faster and securely, and minimise cardholder disruptions.

It could also help improve your brand’s image while encouraging repeat business and customer loyalty.

We expect issuers to accept the TRA flag but if they don’t for certain transactions, they may require the transaction to undergo SCA checks.

Setting up Barclaycard Transact

  • Existing online payment gateway customers – call us on 0800 151 0399 and we will enable Barclaycard Transact for you.
  • New to Barclaycard online payment gateways – call us on 08001585149 and we’ll discuss the best solutions for your business.
  • Corporate clients – contact your Account Manager or request a call back to find out how Barclaycard Transact can help manage fraud and maximise online sales across your portfolio.

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