Easily integrated online gateway solutions

Easily integrated payment gateway solutions

For partners and web developers

Quality coding for seamless integration

Easy to navigate payment solutions

Responsive, secure and compliant gateways

Payments gateway solutions for their every need

When you’re looking for a trusted payment gateway for your clients, you need it to be seamless and easy to integrate. We believe it’s important to bring not only our payment expertise, but also our technical knowledge to make sure clients and developers are speaking the same language.

That’s why we offer forward-thinking gateway solutions, with a choice of payment channels, one-click checkout, responsive payment pages and more. Watch the video to find out what it can offer you and your clients. 


Developer gateway solutions

Whether you’re a small start-up or global company, Barclaycard Smartpay gateway solutions are smart and simple to use. With seamless integration, you can focus on delivering great service while our payments team help you find the best solutions for your clients.

Barclaycard Smartpay developer toolkit

From integration and configuration to test accounts and sample code, we’ve gathered all of our useful web developer guides and resources for Barclaycard Smartpay in one place, making it easy for you to keep implementation and delivery effortless.