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Payment partnerships

Payment partnerships

A powerful payments partnership

For software partners and developers

Partner with us
The payment partnership for business growth

The payment partnership for business growth

Develop new revenue streams and take your business to the next level when you partner with Barclaycard.

As an authoritative leader in the ISV market, we offer partners and developers future-proof platforms, backed by over 50 years of trusted brand heritage.

Easy-to-integrate, with industry-leading innovations, find out how our solutions could benefit your business – and your client’s.


The benefits of being with Barclaycard

Our solutions come with:

Our solutions come with:

a client onboarding process
portfolio management tools
security tools
quality coding for seamless integration
updates to ensure they’re compliant
The perks of partnering:

The perks of partnering:

  • develop new revenue streams through payments
  • integration support
  • tailored marketing strategies
  • hosted payment solutions
  • simple APIs that reduce PCI scope
  • we’ll help you service your eCommerce payments with a variety of plugins
How your clients can benefit::

How your clients can benefit:

  • a frictionless payment experience
  • an intelligent platform to interpret data
  • inbuilt real-time fraud solutions

Our solutions cover all of these sectors and more

Our solutions cover all of these sectors and more - Retail, Business serices, ERP, eCommerce, Hospitality

Want to know more?

Get in touch via our call back form and tell us about your business. We’ll work with you to find a payment solution that’s best suited to yours and your client’s needs.