Corporate business card

Corporate card

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Help streamline your expenses process

Fast and convenient way to manage spend

Convenient way to buy your business travel

Barclaycard corporate cards

What a corporate card can bring to your business

You can easily monitor employee spending on business travel, food, drink and entertainment and manage your policy compliance

Have business expenses sorted quickly and easily by the traveller, while the card statement is settled centrally

Save employees’ time and resource by eliminating the need for manual data entry, organising receipts and expenses processing

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Making life a little easier

Make life a little easier

Faster and convenient for employees, with no need for them to dip into their personal accounts to claim business costs back later. 

Easily control spending

Easily control spending

With all transaction details in one place, you can track and audit spending patterns to help budget and forecast business spend.

Finances that adapt

Finances that adapt

As your business grows, a corporate card can efficiently manage working capital to smooth the peaks and troughs of expenses.

Stay in control of your business expenses

One secure business charge card accepted at 43 million outlets worldwide

Ideal for international business travel, expenses and high volume purchasing

A more streamlined expense process that works in line with your company culture

Make secure payments to your suppliers without affecting immediate business cash flow

Online transaction and account management in one place

Powered by Mastercard or Visa with Chip and Pin and contactless payment

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