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Convenient solutions to help businesses manage B2B payments, travel and expenses 

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Payment strategy

The ‘discovering the smartest payment strategy’ moment

The world of commercial payments is changing fast. Your suppliers, customers and your own organisation demand more value and greater efficiency.

At Barclaycard, we use in-depth data analysis and tech-driven solutions to help make business to business payment processes more efficient. Our payments experts are here to help you discover that smart payment strategy that ultimately saves your business money.

Corporate card

Keep things simple with a globally-accepted payment solution – the easy way to manage international travel, expenses and high-volume purchases. 

Purchasing card

Set budgets across departments and teams to reduce or eliminate the need for petty cash on low-value, high-volume or occasional business purchases. 

Barclaycard Fuel+

Control business fuel costs and manage mileage claims for car fleets and light goods vehicles with Fuel+, widely accepted across UK and Europe.

Virtual payments

Precisionpay makes a great alternative to paying by cheque or by transfers and can be used over the phone or online. It keeps you in control of your employees’ business spending and helps to ensure suppliers are paid on time. 

Travel management account

Streamline bookings and business travel spend by keeping information in one secure account. Your business can charge travel spend to the same card with centralised payment ­– regardless of currency – and traveller details are saved to efficient, individual profiles.

Ideas and insights for your “Eureka” moment

Ideas and insights for your 'eureka' moment

We bring you all the latest industry insights in business to business payments. Whether you're in finance, treasury or procurement, we can help you take a moment to consider if your payments strategy is the right one for your business.

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