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Chargebacks and retrievals

Chargebacks and retrievals

Chargebacks and retrievals

A low down on what you need to know

The new way to get in touch about chargebacks and retrievals

We’re not able to accept any responses by post right now. Instead, you can email us at But it’s important that you make sure:

  • your full case ID is detailed in the document name and the subject line of the email
  • you provide your response in a single attachment
  • you include any important information in the attachments
  • your attachments are compatible – we accept Tiff, PDF, JPEG and Word documents

What are chargebacks and retrievals?

We take a deep dive into what a chargeback is and why they could happen.

Know how to deal with chargebacks

Chargebacks can eat away at your margins – here’s what to do if you’ve received one.  

Chargebacks retrieval

Can’t find what you need? 

Check out our payment security help page, or for any general questions, visit our help and support hub.

You can also contact us and we’ll be happy to help. Please bear in mind that waiting times are longer than usual and it could take up to six working days for us to respond.