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Corporate exchange rates

The cost of using your card abroad

The cost of using your card abroad

Compare the cost of spending abroad

The below tables show a comparison of our current exchange rate for certain currencies as a mark-up against the rate published by the European Central Bank, which helps you to understand the costs of using your credit card abroad.

When you buy something, or take money out of an ATM, abroad including the EU, you may be offered the option to pay in sterling, rather than the local currency. If so, you should be provided with a rate as a mark-up over the ECB rate by the retailer or ATM provider.

You can use these tables to help you decide whether you do want to let the retailer or ATM provider undertake the conversion using their rate, or if you’d like us to undertake the conversion using our rate. If you’d like us to convert the amount you should choose to pay in, or withdraw, local currency and not sterling.

The tables show our rate for certain currencies as a mark-up over the ECB rate at the time you check. This changes twice a day. Also because it might take a day or two for your payment to be processed, the rate shown and the rate you are charged might be different. However, we do not expect the difference to be significant.

Please select the product you hold to see how the charges impact you.

  • Corporate – Visa

    Corporate – Visa GBP

    Corporate – Visa EUR

    Corporate – Visa PLN

    Corporate – Visa CHF

    Corporate – Visa NOK

    Corporate – Visa SEK

    Corporate – Visa DKK

  • Corporate - Mastercard

    Corporate – Mastercard GBP

    Corporate – Mastercard EUR

    Corporate – Mastercard PLN

    Corporate – Mastercard CHF

    Corporate – Mastercard NOK

    Corporate – Mastercard SEK

    Corporate – Mastercard DKK