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Fast payment solutions

Retail payment solutions

Retail payment solutions

Develop an effective, future-proof payment strategy with our ever-evolving solutions. See how our payment experts can help your business. Complete our call back form today.

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Forward-looking payment solutions for retailers

Very few things change as fast as retail. Except maybe how people expect to pay for the things they want. Research shows that UK retailers miss out on £11.6billion each year by not maintaining shopper-friendly in-store experiences[i]

From high street fashion and designer collections, to electricals, homeware, gifts and gadgets, shoppers increasingly want a fast and uncomplicated experience. This is critical, whether they're shopping in store, online or in app, or via a mix of channels. And regardless of the device they're using and how they want to pay. 

Payments in store, at home, or on the go, and the ability to choose whether to pay by card or digital wallet, all have to be convenient, hassle free and secure. Knowing which trends and innovations to invest in can be confusing in such a complex, fast-evolving landscape. Our experts can help make your brand the ‘must have’ time and time again by bringing you the latest payment trends and supporting you with how best to seamlessly integrate them into the shopper experience.

At Barclaycard, we work with some of the world's fastest-growing and most well-known retailers. They trust in our expertise and our technology to deliver reliable, secure and fast payment solutions that encourage customer loyalty, increase conversions and get ahead of the competition. Our retail partnerships are designed to drive business growth in line with ambitious, integrated commerce plans and ever-evolving customer demands.

Is your payment gateway losing you sales?

Find out how the right payment gateway can improve your customer experience and increase conversions

In-store mobile payment solutions (mPOS)

Combat queues, reduce walk-outs, improve customer service and encourage customer loyalty by choosing mobile payment solutions for your store.

Our retail-specific payment technology can help transform store staff from static stock checkers and payment takers, to mobile stylists able to help customers and take payments anywhere on the shop floor.

eCommerce and mCommerce payment solutions

Fast customer journeys online, in app and on mobile, with as few steps as possible between product and checkout, are critical for excellent experiences, reduced cart abandonment and increased conversion rates.

Our retail payment solutions help achieve this, as well as giving you the peace of mind that comes from working with a trusted, reliable, bank-owned payments partner.

Barclaycard's eCommerce and mCommerce payment technology is underpinned by more than 50 years of innovation and supported by a dedicated customer service team.

Expert insights for business growth

The payment experience is much more than just a commodity, it plays a huge part in customer experience, loyalty and conversion.

That's why you get support and guidance from our retail payment experts across local and global markets, as standard, with our payment solutions. Solutions that are designed to drive and support complex integrated commerce strategies.

Customer insights and transaction data will give you a better view of your retail performance, simplify admin and join up all your commerce channels for a consistent, seamless shopping experience.

  • Benefits of Barclaycard retail payment gateway

    Give shoppers what they want

    Accept card, digital wallet and other payment methods online, in store or via mobile, and in multiple currencies online.

    Single customer view

    Understand customer behaviour, preferences and journeys across multiple devices and touchpoints, on and offline, with tokenisation as standard with our online payment gateways.

    Expert support and incident management

    Support at every stage, from integration and beyond, including 24/7/365 incident management for reliability you can trust.

    Always make the sale

    Keep customers coming back for more by creating an easy and enjoyable shopping journey. And by maximising tokenisation, which speeds up the checkout process and helps protects against fraud.

  • Benefits of Barclaycard retail payment processing (acquiring)

    Pick reliability you can trust

    Benefit from system reliability with Barclaycard’s payment processing solutions. We currently process a third of all payments in the UK.

    Protect yourself from fraud

    Encourage genuine transactions and help to block fraudsters with our latest payment acceptance optimisation technology and our expert security and fraud team.

    Get ahead of the competition

    Keep pace with the retail and payment landscapes with help from dedicated experts and up-to-date insights.

    Settle in another currency or multiple currencies

    Help fulfil your global growth ambitions by asking us about accepting and settling in non-like-for-like currencies for the best shopper and business experience.

  • Benefits of Barclaycard retail payment solutions


    Protect your business, data and customers with our secure retail payment gateways


    Expand your customer base by taking payments easily, quickly and securely, on any channel


    Partner with a trusted, strategic payment service provider with more than 50 years’ experience in payment innovation


    Make navigating the complex, fast-moving retail payment landscape easier with expert support and insight


    Give shoppers what they demand, at home and abroad, including a choice of how to shop and how to pay


    Maximise conversions with technology that accepts more genuine transactions while protecting you from fraud

Why switch to Barclaycard?

Our industry experts and customer data insights mean we understand how and where customers’ like to pay. Helping you keep pace with the latest payments trends and technology. And ahead of the competition.

Point of sale

Wherever your customers shop we’re there for them. In store, at an event or even on the road, we’ve an integrated EPOS solution. So payments are effortless and the shopper feels totally secure.

Mobile and in-app

Paying on your mobile or in-app is now everyday. Keeping ahead of this fast-moving world of mobile payments, digital wallets and apps means our mobile optimised payment pages and streamlined in-app payments are essential.


In today’s truly global, digital world, the connected shopper expects to pay easily across every and any touchpoint. Whether they’re in store, on a mobile or online at home, they expect and we deliver a seamless experience.

Talk to an expert

Request a call back from one of our retail payment experts Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm.


[i] The figure of £11.6 billion (£11,631,844,762) was calculated by extrapolating the proportion of the 2,002 UK adults in the survey who have abandoned a purchase in-store in the last year (1,094) to the total UK population. This was then multiplied by the average amount of money UK adults would have spent on the purchases they abandoned in-store in the last month (£34.27), to provide an estimated overall monthly revenue opportunity figure. This was multiplied by 12 months to provide an annual figure. The total value of UK retail sales in 2016 was £358 billion (source: Retail Economics).