Credit card eligibility checker

Apply in confidence with our free credit card eligibility checker

Thinking about applying for a Barclaycard? Try our credit card eligibility checker  and see how likely you are to be accepted – without impacting your credit rating. 

   It's free to use
   You'll get an answer in minutes
   It doesn't affect your credit rating

Check your eligibility

You can also find out more by taking a look at what you’ll need to apply  or by watching Charles from Barclaycard explain how to use our eligibility checker. 

Why should I use the credit card eligibility checker?

Getting turned down for credit affects your credit rating – making it harder for you to get credit in the future. Using our credit card eligibility checker won’t show on your credit record and you’ll be able to apply knowing how likely you are to be accepted. There’s no harm to your credit rating so it won’t affect your ability to get credit at a later date.

How does it work?

Simply fill in your details and if you’re eligible for a credit card we’ll show you the Barclaycard(s) available to you. Just keep in mind that our credit card eligibility checker is a guide and doesn’t do a full credit check, so the results you get when you apply for a Barclaycard might be different.