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Instalment plan

Instalment Plan

Spread the cost of a purchase into equal chunks

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So what exactly is an Instalment Plan?

If you’ve just spent £100 to £5,000 in one go on your Barclaycard, an Instalment Plan could be an easy way to spread the cost over 3 to 24 months at 0% interest, plus a fee (between 1% and 8%) – subject to your available credit limit. You get to choose your preferred end date, the equal monthly payment amount and fee, so you’ll know exactly when it’ll be all done and dusted.

Is an Instalment Plan right for me?

If you’re making a big buy this month, like booking a holiday or getting the car serviced, an Instalment Plan is a helpful way to give you more time to pay it off. With 0% interest until the end of your Plan (including the fee) you could find it’s a cheaper way of paying for your purchase.

Each Plan has a fee that’s based on the cost of your purchase, and how long you want it to run for. It’s added equally across the duration of your Plan, so shorter Plans have a lower fee but will mean higher monthly payments.

An Instalment Plan will increase your monthly minimum payment, so you need to be sure that you can still pay this in full and on time every month. This increase could be significant if you choose a shorter term or if the purchase amount is high.

You’ll still benefit from any existing interest-free periods on other purchases if you continue to pay your Plan payments plus your main balance (that’s your statement balance excluding any Instalment Plans) in full each month. This amount will be shown on your monthly statement.

Certain types of purchases will also be covered by Section 75 protection and chargeback benefits (your standard credit card purchase protection). Find out how Section 75 could cover your purchase if it’s damaged, faulty or not delivered.

Here’s some typical examples

Check out an example of three ways a £1,000 Plan could play out. Remember, you decide the length of your Instalment Plan, from 3 to 24 months.

6 Month Plan 2% fee, 0% interest



Monthly Payments


Fee to pay (included in monthly payment)


Total to repay


Loan equivalent

Equivalent to 7.04% APR on a loan

12 Month Plan 4% fee, 0% interest



Monthly Payments


Fee to pay (included in monthly payment)


Total to repay


Loan equivalent

Equivalent to 7.55% APR on a loan

24 Month Plan 8% fee, 0% interest



Monthly Payments


Fee to pay (included in monthly payment)


Total to repay


Loan equivalent

Equivalent to 7.76% APR on a loan

How is it done?

Check your available Barclaycard credit before buying an item from £100 to £5,000

Log into your Barclaycard online servicing account and under ‘Transfers and Offers’ choose ‘Instalment Plan’

Get a quote by choosing your monthly payments, end date (from 3 to 24 months) and fee

Make sure you’ve read and understood the terms and conditions, and tick the box to continue

That’s it. Once you’ve created a Plan, the purchase amount will be moved from your standard balance to your Plan balance. There’s some important info you need to know before setting up your Instalment Plan – like how your minimum payments are affected and what happens if you miss a payment. Read our Instalment Plan key points for more details.

Ready to set up an Instalment Plan?

Before you can create an Instalment Plan, you’ll need to log into your Barclaycard online servicing account to make sure you have an offer available.

Barclaycard online servicing

Log in to or register your Barclaycard account and select ‘View your offers’. See if you have an offer and then apply online. 

If you prefer to do things over the phone, give us a call on 0333 200 9090, between 7.00am-8.00pm Monday to Friday and 9.00am-5.00pm Saturday and Sunday (call charges apply)

Make sure you’ve read our Instalment Plan key points before you apply.


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