Using contactless payments to shop safely

A safer way to pay in shops

Use contactless payments to shop safely

Contactless payments have been around for a while. But you may have seen more and more shops asking for this type of payment as an alternative to cash. That’s because it’s a safe way to pay quickly without touching or passing anything over a counter.

To make use of it, all you need is your Barclaycard or your smartphone to hand.

Three quick tips for safer shopping

Check government guidance for your local area before going out

Try to pay using a contactless payment device

Follow the signage about face coverings and distancing in stores

It’s easy to pay with your contactless card

You can use your contactless credit or debit card to pay for purchases up to £100, wherever you see the contactless symbol. Simply tap it on the card reader and go (there may be times when you have to enter your PIN for security reasons – to confirm that it’s you who’s using your card).

If you see the contactless symbol at the checkout, contactless payments are accepted.

Simply tap your card or device over the card reader to pay for purchases up to £100.

When the green light appears on the reader, your payment has been approved.

What about those times when you can’t use contactless?

Sometimes, you might not be able to make a contactless payment with your card, or you may have to enter your PIN. For example, you’ll have to enter your card’s PIN to make an in-store payment for the first time, before you can use contactless.

Your phone can also help you pay contact-free

Depending on the type of device you have, you may need to download new apps or use apps already stored on your phone. Once set up, you’ll be able to use your phone like a contactless card by tapping it over the shop’s card reader. Handy if you’re in a rush or you’ve forgotten your card.

Apple Pay

Linking your Barclaycard credit card to the Apple Pay Wallet app[1] is quick and easy. It means you’ll be able to pay using your iPhone or Apple Watch, whenever you see the contactless symbol or Apple Pay logo.

Plus, there's no limit, so you can make payments for any amount (up to your available credit limit)[2]

Looking out for you, 24/7

We’re always on guard against fraudsters and we use advanced technology to help keep you protected, night and day.

If you lose your contactless card or phone, or it’s stolen, you can block your card and we’ll refund any transactions that aren’t yours, as well as any interest you’ve paid.

And just so you know, any payments you make using your contactless Barclaycard are marked with the contactless symbol on your statement.

Touch and go into London with Barclaycard contactless

You can use your Barclaycard across the London transport network, from the bus, to the tube, tram, DLR, London Overground and most National Rail Services. There’s no queuing for top-ups – you just touch and pay. It’s the fast, easy and secure way to pay for your journeys.

1You need an eligible device and the latest version of iOS, watchOS or macOS.[Return to reference]

2Limits may vary depending on the retailer – some may apply their own local limit T&Cs apply.[Return to reference]

3Available for Barclaycard Visa customers with NFC Android Mobiles using an operating system of KitKat 5.0 or above. IHG cards are currently excluded.[Return to reference]

4Terms and conditions apply. You must have a Barclaycard or Barclays current account, be aged 16 or over and have a mobile number to use the Barclaycard or Barclays app.[Return to reference]