Why has the contactless limit changed?

Why has the contactless limit increased to £100? 

Paying with contactless is fast and easy and the new limit of £100 will make it even more convenient for shoppers across the UK.  The increased limit of £100 will help make it easier to pay for higher-value transactions, like a weekly shop or petrol, with just a tap. 

Retailers will be updating their card machines from 15 October 2021, but please bear with them as some may not be able to accept the new limit straight away. 

For added security, you might sometimes be asked to pay using Chip & PIN instead of paying with contactless, to verify it’s your card. You can also choose to use Chip & PIN for all transactions, if you prefer.

We’re always on our guard against fraudsters and we use advanced technology to help keep you protected, night and day. If your contactless Barclaycard or phone is lost or stolen, you can block your card and we’ll refund any transactions that aren’t yours, as well as any interest you’ve paid. Any payments you make using your contactless Barclaycard are marked with the contactless symbol on your statement.

Apple Pay or contactless Mobile

You can set up your Barclaycard as the default card in your wallet and you’ll get a notification when you make a transaction. If we ever suspect it’s not you using your wallet, we’ll notify you straight away.


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