Accessibility services for you

Finding the best solution for you

We want you to be able to access all our services and products as easily as possible. So if you have a health condition, impairment or disability, we can help you when it comes to managing your account, getting in touch and viewing our website.

Whatever challenges you have when it comes to using our services, it’s important we’ve got the best solutions in place for you. To make things as straightforward as possible, we’ve come up with some helpful tools and services.

Sight services

If you're blind or have a sight-impairment, we have a range of tools that can help.

Hearing and speech services

We’ve developed ways to help you if you’re deaf, hard of hearing, or have a speech impairment.

Mobility and dexterity

We're always working to improve access across our products, services, and Barclays branches.

Using words and numbers

If you have difficulty with words and numbers, we've got a range of services designed to help. 

How to contact us

There are plenty of different ways to get in touch with us. Whether it’s easier to talk to us direct, or send us a message, you’ll find an option to suit you.