More accessible services for you

Do you have a health condition, impairment or disability? We want you to be able to access all our services and products, so we’ve made things easier for you when it comes to managing your account, getting in touch and viewing our site.

Your Barclaycard services

You can ask us to automatically send you Braille, large print and audio communications. We can send you most things, from account statements and brochures, to your PIN and passcode. Just tell us the format you need by calling us on 0800 161 5326, by using Next Generation text or SignVideo. Read our call charges and information. 

Next Generation Text

Got a Textphone or PC with the latest software? If you’re hard of hearing or speech-impaired, you can use this service now on 1 8001 0800 161 5276 – call charges may apply. Read more about Next Generation Text.


Use British Sign Language (BSL)? You can use the SignVideo service to connect to an online interpreter, who will help you to communicate with one of our advisors. Find out more on our SignVideo page. 

Clicking on external links

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Finding the best solution for you

Whatever challenges you have when it comes to using our website on your computer or device, it’s important we’ve got the best solutions in place for you. To make things as straightforward as possible for you, Barclays have come up with some helpful tools. 

Seeing the screen

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This section gives you a wide range of solutions to help you see websites and applications more clearly

Hearing sound

hearing icon

If you’re deaf or hard of hearing, this section explains the various ways website content can be made accessible to you

Keyboard and mouse

This section looks at the many ways you can make your keyboard and mouse easier to use

Reading and spelling

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These software tools and techniques will help you to make the web easier to read

How to contact us

You’ll find a number of different ways to get in touch with us. Whether it’s easier to talk to us direct, or send us a message, you’ll find an option to suit you.