Disability, wellbeing and challenging times

Supporting your needs, whatever your situation

We’re here to help

Do you need help with your banking?

We have lots of products and services, along with other useful resources, to support you. 

Perhaps you need us to change how we communicate with you. For example, you might need

  • Items to help you, such as documents in Braille or hearing loops
  • Us to be a bit more patient when we speak to you by phone or in a branch
  • Us to remember that your mood can vary, and your reactions might be affected

Let us know your individual needs so we can talk about how to make banking easier for you.

You can find our contact options on this page.

Services, guides and resources

You’ll find lots of help and tips on our website about accessibility and disability issues, as well as for life events that you might be going through.

Sight services

If you're blind or have a sight-impairment, we have a range of tools that can help.

Hearing and speech services

We’ve developed ways to help you if you’re deaf, hard of hearing, or have a speech impairment.

Mobility and dexterity

We're always working to improve access across our products, services, and Barclays branches.

Using words and numbers

If you have difficulty with words and numbers, we've got a range of services designed to help. 

Carl has just lost his job

While looking for work and sorting out benefits, Carl missed payments and feels he needs help.

Tomasz has been involved in an accident

He doesn’t get paid while he’s out of work, and now Tomasz is beginning to worry that he can’t pay his next bill.

Ruth is struggling with her mental health

Some days she’s fine, but recently her low mood and difficulty concentrating have affected Ruth’s finances.

Helen is concerned about Alice

She wants to help Alice with her money problems, but Helen is frustrated as she doesn’t know what she can do about it.

John has been diagnosed with cancer

Worried about his illness, concerned about how it’s affecting his family, and anxious about money, John feels overwhelmed.

Kath has separated from her partner

She doesn’t know what implications her divorce will have on her finances and needs some advice.

Ray’s gambling problem is starting to affect his finances

Feeling guilty and unable to stop, Ray is spending too much money on gambling. Now he’s finding it difficult to pay the bills.

Mira has had to take a pay cut

She’s always been careful with her finances, but now she’s on less money Mira is worried she can’t cover the bills.

Samir is struggling to budget

He’d come to rely on his credit card, but Samir doesn’t know how he can afford the repayments.

Nathan’s money problems are affecting his studies

Nathan’s final exams start soon, and he’s worried about being able to afford his card payments.

Maureen has lost her husband

Losing her partner has changed everything. Maureen feels too overwhelmed to think about how to handle her finances.

Could you be a victim of financial abuse?

Find out what financial abuse is and what to do if you, or someone you know, is being exploited by a partner, relative, friend or carer.

How to contact us

There are plenty of different ways to get in touch with us. Whether it’s easier to talk to us direct, or send us a message, you’ll find an option to suit you.